34: Tight Buns

Joy has a confession, tight bun exercises, Call on Me Video, foods you love and hate, and how to create micro-changes for a better life. Suport our sponsor blublox discount code JOY

33: Missing Carson

Missing the Crossfit Games, inheriting money follow up, funny things people have spent money on, listener voice memo, therapy vs life coaching, Taylor Swift’s new album, Mary Trump’s book review, and Joy’s recent law run-ins….

32: Life Marathon

Surviving anohter week, Joy’s BetterUp discovery, Media Bias Report, discussing Britney and mental health, and a listener voicemail!

31: Help Me Understand

The internet can be cool sometimes. Last week we talked about wanting JK McLeod on the show, and this week JK is ON the show! We talk about difficult conversations, how to approach controversial topics,…

30: Open Minded

Tolerating all viewpoints, challening our own beliefs, 4th of July plans, and always trying to keep an open mind. Help Me Understand Podcast by JK McLeod Suport our sponsor blublox discount code JOY

29: Own It

Scott’s birthday, going to therapy, having difficult conversations, Crossfit thoughts, mask-wearing, voting, and nostalgia talk. Suport our sponsor blublox discount code JOY

28: Distance

Claire’s backpacking trip, taking a break from social media, connecting with your inner circle, and a listener voicemail about DOVA. Suport our sponsor blublox discount code JOY

27: What’s the Plan

Marriage hack talk, Crossfit thoughts, and making plans for the future. Join the conversation: thisisjoyandclaire@gmail.com