22: Jessica Simpson Distractions

Joy’s book review on Jessica Simpson’s new memoir, Open Book. Deep dive in to the 90’s. Surviving a tough week. Listener Q&A. Support small businesses! Support Double Under Wonder discount code JOY

21: Celebrating Mom

We love our moms! Celebrating moms, quarantine coping, and listener Q&A Sponsored by BLUBLOX discount code JOY

20: Day Off

Britney burned down her gym, Cadet service dog training, thoughts about going back to the office, PTO days, and a listener email! Sponsored by BLUBLOX discount code JOY

19: Positivity Exhaustion

There’s only so much positivity Joy can handle before exhaustion hits. Cadet updates, CCI dog training, Claire’s quarantine life, and some great philosophical questions. Sponsored by BLUBLOX discount code JOY

18: Feelings and Food

Welcome back Joy’s longtime friend and fellow therapist Lisa Mareb, LCSW! We are joined by two podcast listeners on Zoom for a discussion around food, eating disorders, and how to manage all of the feelings…

17: Money Talk

Money money money! Let’s talk about money. It can be an uncomfortable topic, but we want to make it less scary. We invited Brianna Firestone from the School of Betty on the show to help…

16: Zoom Connections

This week we’re joined by two of our favorite listeners, Tina and Meghan. Tina works for the Today Show and lives in Brooklyn. She recently recovered from COVID19. Meghan and her partner Joelle live near…

Bonus Hello!

Surprise!! It’s a bonus episode! We wanted to drop in and say HELLO and not talk about SHMOVID SHMINETEEN.