30: Open Minded

Tolerating all viewpoints, challening our own beliefs, 4th of July plans, and always trying to keep an open mind. Help Me Understand Podcast by JK McLeod Suport our sponsor blublox discount code JOY

29: Own It

Scott’s birthday, going to therapy, having difficult conversations, Crossfit thoughts, mask-wearing, voting, and nostalgia talk. Suport our sponsor blublox discount code JOY

28: Distance

Claire’s backpacking trip, taking a break from social media, connecting with your inner circle, and a listener voicemail about DOVA. Suport our sponsor blublox discount code JOY

27: What’s the Plan

Marriage hack talk, Crossfit thoughts, and making plans for the future. Join the conversation: thisisjoyandclaire@gmail.com

25: Thoughts on CFHQ

WTAF happened. Well, apparently a lot happened. And we cover some of it in this episode. More information is coming out daily and we want to keep the discussion going. If you want to join…

24: Live From Saturday Morning

We wanted to post this episode early because so much has happened since the recording on June 6. We’ll address the CFHQ in more depth soon. Suport our sponsor blublox discount code JOY

Thursday 6/4/20

We recorded an episode this week but decided not to release it. Instead of listening to our show please spend time with your close friends, partners, family and all loved ones discussing how we can…

23: Osteria Mozza Memories

LA listener gives us happy news, we remember the great night of Mozza 2020, listener email about diet post-twin babies, and Joy needs advice on whether or not to finish Normal People.