92: Phases of Fitness

September 16, 2021

Claire’s Crossfit life, fitness in our current lives, Joy’s work update, and a Q&A with Claire!

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This is Joy & Claire Episode 93: Favorite Clothing Brands, Emmy Awards, and Q&A Time!

Episode Date: September 23, 2021

Transcription Completed: October 3, 2021

Audio Length: 52:59 minutes 

Joy: Hey guys, this is Joy.

Claire: And this is Claire.

Joy: And this is Joy and Claire.

Claire: Hello.

Joy: How’re you doing? Happy September – yep, still September. I hope you have a great day. We’re here recording. It feels great. It feels like fall weather. Sweater weather.

Claire: It’s the first week of fall.

Joy: Sure is.

Claire: The autumnal equinox is behind us.

Joy: There’s a full moon today, right? Today’s the 20th.

Claire: I think it was yesterday.

Joy: Okay.

Claire: Or late in the night last night.

Joy: I’ve been getting the notifications on my astrology apps. Not the official moon “this is what’s going on,” but astrology will tell me.

Claire: Got it. So yeah, the equinox is tomorrow. But by the time you hear this, it will be past. And we are just barreling right into winter.

Joy: We sure are. Are we ready? Did you get your boots? Because I’m not leaving the house these days.

Claire: Let me talk to you about boots. So, as you guys might know, I don’t know how much I’ve talked about this in the past, but I’m sure it’s come up. I love boots.

Joy: Your annual boot boot adventure.

Claire: Yes. And every year I have my annual boot buy for myself. Last year I didn’t do it. I love boots so much that if I didn’t limit myself to one pair of boots per year, I would just have way too many boots. So this is my thing. So I bought this pair of boots from Bohme. You know that store?

Joy: No.

Claire: Well, it’s a store, and they have a lot of things.

Joy: I trust you.

Claire: I bought these cute boots. So first of all, I asked the internet what sort of boots do I wear with a straight leg pant. Because we all know, it’s not fashionable anymore to wear skinny jeans. Which I eye roll. Obviously, I’m sarcastic saying that. But I do have some straight legged pants now, where I didn’t two years ago, the last time I really worried about this. I feel like my ankle book, my cute little zip up ankle booties, are not going to look good. So I asked the internet what type of boot do I wear with a straight leg pant. And the internet said Doc Martins. And I said, no, no thank you.

Joy: Let’s try that again.

Claire: Let’s try again. So then the internet said, okay, how about a Chelsea boot. I feel like that could be interpreted a little bit more widely. So I bought these boots from Bohme.

Joy: Is it like a play on bohemian? Is that what they’re trying to do? I’m pulling up the website right now.

Claire: Yeah, TBD.

Joy: Okay great. Someone will tell us, and we’ll feel stupid because it’s probably really obvious.

Claire: It probably stands for –

Joy: [singing] “La Vie Bohem.”

Claire: Buy… our… home… made… things. I don’t know what the “u” would stand for. Then I bought these boots from there. They were these light, almost like a super light grey, almost close to a white Chelsea boot. Then they came, and they’re fine, but they’re really, really thin. They’re not going to be warm. So womp womp. We live in Colorado. I need a boot, a real boot, not just a cute boot. So then two days ago, Kodiak, which is a brand I love, which has another boot that I already have, came out with this new style of boot called the Sauveur, and I’m going to buy it. 

Joy: Sauveur. Croissant. 

Claire: Croissant. 

Joy: Can you please record your dad saying “croissant” one day?

Claire: Yeah, in the Burger King drive thru. “Can I get a croissant-which?” “I’m sorry, a what now?”

Joy: Yeah.

Claire: Yes. So I’m excited about it, and that’s my boot update.

Joy: Okay. What are your favorite brands? Not workout brands because we’ve talked about workout clothes. but what are your clothing brands that are your go-tos?

Claire: Oh, just in general for all different clothes?

Joy: Yeah, the things that you always – like whenever I go to Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack online, I Google the same brands all the time. What are your go-tos when you go to a website?

Claire: Yeah. I am really into Everlane right now. I really like their pants. They have really great, basic t-shirts that I love.

Joy: You know what that reminds me of? When we went to Venice.

Claire: Yeah, I did. That was my first experience actually purchasing Everlane things.

Joy: And it was such a great store.

Claire: It is a great store.

Joy: They have great – what Scott Parrish would say – staples and really good basics.

Claire: Totally a staples brand.

Joy: Such a staples brand. I got a really nice, crisp white t-shirt from there that I love. But I get nervous wearing white t-shirts. I don’t know why. It’s like, why not just wear the white t-shirt? I get nervous I’m going to get it dirty. Whatever, it’s so stupid. It’s a great t-shirt.

Claire: If it gets stained, you can just tie-dye it. That’s what I eventually do with all my white t-shirts.

Joy: That’s a good point. So yeah, Everlane, what else?

Claire: Everlane is probably my biggest one. I wear a good amount of Patagonia. I like their basic sweatshirts. I don’t know if I have any other brands that I really gravitate towards, like I definitely want to look for that brand. I like Madewell jeans. They’re kind of nothing special, but they’re very consistent, which I appreciate. 

Joy: When you have your go-tos, it’s good. I like to shop at Nordstrom Rack because things always go on sale. I learned that from Scott Parrish, too. We’ll go shopping, and he’ll be like, “This will go on sale in a couple months. Can you wait?” Yes. The only thing that I want so bad but I can’t – again, you can buy whatever you want, but I cannot justify spending $500 on a pair of – your face. You don’t even know what it is yet. Like, “No.” I still can’t justify it. I don’t care how much money I will save up. On Golden Goose sneakers. Do you know what those are? They’re amazing custom Italian sneakers. Every pair is different. Just Google it. Golden Goose shoes. They have awesome patterns. Some are high tops. Some are low tops. Some have glitter on the back. Some have cheetah prints. Every single pair is unique, and they’re ridiculously expensive. They’re super cool. I posted this once on our stories I think where I was like, “Okay, these shoes are amazing. Do I justify buying these?” And one person wrote and was like, “Yeah, they’re actually ridiculously comfortable.” And I think there’s a couple of sites that you can get them discounted. And Cherry Creek Mall, which is one of our Denver fancy schmancy neighborhood malls, has an actual Golden Goose store now. Which eventually of course they’re going to go on sale.

Claire: Of course it does.

Joy: But at the same time, I don’t even know if I’d spend $200 on a pair of sneakers. 

Claire: And then, do you wear them?

Joy: That’s the thing. Where am I going? That sounds really silly because you can wear them anywhere. But I don’t go anywhere.

Claire: Like what are you going to do, wear them to Ulta? If you can’t even bring yourself to wear a white t-shirt because you’re afraid you’re going to spill on it, a $25 t-shirt, you are never going to wear these shoes.

Joy: Well, shoes are different. I don’t worry too much about getting shoes dirty. I don’t care about that. But I think it’s more of these – practical. 

Claire: Do you think you’d care about it if you spent $500 on them?

Joy: Yeah. But I’m not as weird about getting shoes dirty. It’s just more of where would I wear them? If I lived in LA or if I lived in – I do live in Denver. But guys, we don’t wear fancy stuff here. If you wear fancy stuff, you’re visiting from out of town and you’re downtown going to a show or something.

Claire: Or people will look at you like –

Joy: Yeah, it’s just not the vibe in Denver. We’re very casual cool. So anyways, that’s kind of the thing. I don’t know how I got off on the tangent of being able to – oh, I think it was just shopping at Nordstrom Rack. I can’t always spend full price on things. It’s just a rule in my head. I know this is going to go on sale. But I like to look at Nordstrom Rack. I always look for James Purse. James Purse is my favorite. Very good staples. Very expensive if you buy it full price. I’m talking like $80 for a t-shirt. Never going to happen. I’m never going to spend full price on a James Purse shirt. Unless I was on vacation and I went to the actual James Purse store. One time we went to a wedding in Aspen, and [laughing] – this does have a point. Scott and I got to Aspen, realized that we left the outfits that we were going to wear to the wedding in our closet. It was just hanging up behind the door. We took all of our luggage, but we forgot to take the hanging whatever.

Claire: You forgot to grab the hanger bag. 

Joy: The hanger bag.

Claire: The garment bag.

Joy: Yeah. And we got there, unpacking our clothes in Aspen. This is what, a 3.5-hour drive?

Claire: Yeah. I was about to say, for those of you who are not familiar, Aspen is a like a 4-hour drive. And it’s not an easy drive. It’s got a lot of traffic. You’re winding through the mountains. You’re not about to turn around. It’s not a hop, skip, and a jump.

Joy: Yeah, no. Goldie Hawn does not live that closet to us. So we were like, oh crap, we have to go buy outfits for the wedding. So there’s a James Purse store of course in Aspen. So of course I had to spend full price on a James Purse dress that I still wear to this day. But that’s the only time that I splurged on a James Purse full price. But anyways, great t-shirts. The t-shirts freaking last forever. I have some James Purse t-shirts that I swear to you I’ve had for ten years, and they look good as new. So if you’re worried about the price. Listeners out there, if you’re like, oh my gosh, I would never spend even $40 or $50 on a t-shirt, they do last forever and ever and ever. And ever. And ever. I wear them all the time. They don’t get holes. They don’t stretch. They don’t get worn when you wash them. And they have good skirts. I have a couple pair of sweats that he has, but mostly I really like their shirts because they fit really well. And then I also love Sorel boots for the winter. Again, this is a brand that if I was working in an office right now, I’d probably splurge on a new pair of Sorel, but because I’m mostly working from home right now, I’m just using the pair – I have two pair right now. And then I wear a lot of Patagonia as well. I love their jackets. Levi’s for jeans. It kind of depends. I like the curve line. It used to be called the curve line, Curve ID. But I think they’ve now just changed it to stretch or something like that. Those fit really well. And then I shop a lot at Target for JoyLab for athleisure wear. But Target has some really good basics that last, like seasonal stuff. I try not to spend money on clothes that you just know are going to last you for a season, like the whole disposable clothing thing.

Claire: Yeah, speaking of clothing, I had to go shopping today, and it was the worst.

Joy: Tell us about it.

Claire: Okay, so I’m going to a trade show this week. If anyone’s at Expo East in Philly, send me a DM. I’ll be at the info booth.

Joy: Yay, go see Claire.

Claire: We can pull our mask down to ask where the bathrooms are. I know it’s going to happen, and I’m just going to rage about it.

Joy: They’re going to pull your mask down… or they’re going to pull their mask down.

Claire: They pull my mask down, and I’m going to punch them in the face. No. So we have this trade show. Most of you guys know I work, basically, for a trade show company. We have this big show. It’s in Philadelphia. If you are at the Expo East this week and you’re listening to this, come find me. In order to go to the show, you have to wear a mask the whole time and either show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID that’s within I think 72 hours of the show starting. You know, that feels okay. It doesn’t feel awesome because it’s still a lot of people indoors. We’ll just see how it goes. It’s definitely the strictest standards you can have for a large group of people. So anyway, all that to say. It’s been really two years since my last trade show because the last trade show I went to was this trade show in 2019. I don’t really like a lot of the stuff that I wore then. Looking back, I’m like, what did I even wear that whole week? I must have gotten rid of a lot of stuff. So there’s four days where I have to be on the upper side of business casual. I don’t have to wear panty hose.

Joy: Hose. Do people wear panty hose?

Claire: Yeah.

Joy: Tights.

Claire: Yeah, I don’t have to wear panty hose, but – okay, quick question. In your mind, are panty hose and tights a synonym?

Joy: No.

Claire: What’s the difference to you?

Joy: I would say panty hose are covering up your legs to just make them look shaved and not flaky. Like sometimes I have dry skin, and you don’t have to look at the bruises on your legs. And then tights are like really dark black tights, colored tights, thicker materials.

Claire: Panty hose are more sheer.

Joy: Yes.

Claire: And tights are usually colored and opaque.

Joy: Yeah.

Claire: I was just curious about that because when I was a little girl and I would wear tights to church, I feel like all little girl options are tights. 

Joy: Agree.

Claire: But also, people call leggings tights sometimes.

Joy: Yeah, that’s true.

Claire: As a point of clarification.

Joy: Alright, I like that.

Claire: So I don’t have to wear panty hose. It’s not quite that formal. But most of the people there who work with my company, the men will all have suits on, like jackets and ties. Maybe not a suit suit, but you’re wearing a jacket and a tie if you’re a guy. And the women will mostly be wearing skirts and tops or dresses. It’s pretty formal, particularly given that I work in a pretty informal industry. So I have one dress that I know I love, one jumpsuit that I don’t even know where I got it but I found in my closet and was like “this will work.”

Joy: What color?

Claire: It’s like dark blue.

Joy: Okay. I feel like I saw you in one that was rust colored. Did I make that up? … Maybe.

Claire: Yes. I wish I had a rust-colored jumpsuit. I would love a rust-colored jumpsuit.

Joy: I think maybe Cat has one from House of Pod. Maybe it was her. You should borrow it.

Claire: Yeah, Cat’s a probably solid 8” taller than I am.

Joy: That’s true.

Claire: But apart from that. Which, we watched Cat’s dog for like the last six weeks and she finally came and picked her up last Monday and it was so sweet.

Joy: You probably got so attached.

Claire: I mean, honestly, it was kind of weird because she’s a herding dog and then we have this giant, lab-mix puppy who’s just so dumb and has no awareness around other dogs. So to put a border collie mix with this giant bumper car of a puppy, it was very funny.

Joy: That’s really cute. That’s so cute.

Claire: But I think because of that, Maya, Cat’s dog, didn’t get too attached to us because River was just so in her face the whole time. She’s like, oh my God, leave me alone.

Joy: She’s probably like, yeah, I’m ready to go.

Claire: Right. So anyway, I decided I needed to go shopping. This is going to be a long story. So I went to J.Crew Factory, Nordstrom Rack. I was like, it’s fine, I can go to LOFT. LOFT, I can just find something. The LOFT in the mall area in Boulder closed, so sucked for me. Madewell. Which I walked to the Madewell, and I buy Madewell stuff online not all the time but not irregularly, but I walked in the store and I was like, “I’m in old.”

Joy: Oh. I’m in old. 

Claire: I feel so old in here.

Joy: That was a typo when I texted that, right? Okay good.

Claire: A couple weeks ago, Joy was saying something and she was like, “This makes me feel like an old.” I was like, “An old!”

Joy: I’m old.

Claire: I’m an old. And then I went to J. Jill where I returned to feeling like a young.

Joy: A young. [laughing]

Claire: The lady was like, “What are you shopping for?” And I was like, “A trade show.” And she brought me some dressing. They were all just completely shapeless. Two of them were paisley. I was like, okay.

Joy: You know what, I really wish you had a Marine Layer up there because we got a Marine Layer down here. 

Claire: [gasp]

Joy: And Marine Layer would have been perf. Yes, I forgot to say.

Claire: Okay, I will say Marine Layer is my absolute go-to for sweaters.

Joy: Marine Layer is amazing by the way guys.

Claire: I love Marine Layer. Oh my gosh, I wish I’d known that. I would have made a trip. I love Marine Layer. Where is it?

Joy: It’s right by the Denver Central… Kitchen? Denver Central Market, is that what it’s called? 

Claire: Yeah, in RiNo?

Joy: Yeah.

Claire: Oh my gosh, I wish I’d know. Okay, well next time.

Joy: Yep.

Claire: I went to Anthropologie just on a hope and a prayer. Because Anthropologie, let’s be honest guys, is not for people who don’t know how to shop. 

Joy: Right.

Claire: You have to be able to put together and outfit in order to have success at Anthropologie.

Joy: Oh yeah. 

Claire: You have to be able to conceptualize an outfit.

Joy: Right. And they have outfits organized where you can see outfits put together.

Claire: Sure.

Joy: If you want to spend $1,000.

Claire: Right. There was one dress. I was like, “This could work.” It was a really cute, structured dress. It was definitely way more boho than my style. But I was like, “This could work.” And it was $280. I was like, dang it.

Joy: Yeah, yeah.

Claire: I didn’t buy a $60 candle to make myself feel better, but I almost did. One of those candles that’s basically in a mixing bowl. 

Joy: I mean, is it kosher – don’t arrest me anybody – to buy something and then return it?

Claire: So here’s my thing about trade shows. When you wear something in a trade show, you really wear it.

Joy: Okay, it’s not like an evening – okay.

Claire: I have definitely in my life bought something and then – I always do this to myself. I wait until the night before. And I did go to Target and Kohl’s, and Jess keeps being like, “Why don’t you go to Kohls.” Read five text messages ago. I went to Kohls.

Joy: I went to Kohls. I know, we’ve been text messaging about this whole journey. Claire’s like, “See above.”

Claire: See above. I went to Kohl’s. 

Joy: Jess, I know you’re listening. We’re going to get text messages just about this. This is going to be very meta because Jess will listen to our podcast in real time.

Claire: Where we talk about her texting us.

Joy: Yeah, she’ll text in real time. Yeah, we’re going to get some texts. Hi, Jess.

Claire: [laughing] I’ve never had success at Kohl’s in my adult life. Never once have I walked into Kohl’s and been like, that’s what I want.

Joy: I don’t think I have either.

Claire: And Target is not quite dressy enough. Anyway. I even went to Lulu just as a Hail Mary because sometimes they have some slacks looking things or a sweater. And then the icing on the cake of all of this is I only have ten minutes before I have to leave to pick up Miles from school. I’ve gone to all the places. 

Joy: You’ve exhausted all of it.

Claire: And I don’t have time to go down Pearl Street or go to another type of mall. I’m done, and I’ve not been successful. I didn’t find a single thing. There was one dress at J.Crew that could have worked, but it didn’t. They didn’t have my size. They only had it in like a 00. So I was like, I’m going to get myself a smoothie bowl. That sounds amazing and refreshing and will perk me back up. I go into the smoothie bowl place and the guy in front of me is some young, d-bag with an ironic mullet wearing a fishnet face mask. And I just left. I literally left.

Joy: You left. You left. You know, that’s a big “F” you to Boulder because Boulder has a mask mandate right now. He’s doing a big f you.

Claire: I stood there for a minute and looked at the menu. And this guy, he’s not only wearing a fishnet mask, but he’s griping over the fact that their granola had added sugar. He’s like, “Don’t you guys have anything that doesn’t have added sugar?” I was like, “Get out of line, Joe Rogan.”

Joy: Oh, Joe Rogan.

Claire: And he was some probably 25-year-old just idiot. And I left. I was like, I’m not going to stand here and listen to this person be an absolute –

Joy: Oh my gosh.

Claire: I just want to kick him in the shins and leave.

Joy: A mesh – did he make it himself? Why do they even sell those?

Claire: Why? Because of the people like him. Anyway. And then as I was walking out, these two women were walking by and they were like, “We can go there. They have lattes.” And the other girl was like, “Oh, I don’t drink lattes.” And I was like, get me out of here. Get me out of Boulder. I’m from Boulder, and I’ve come to kind of hate it.

Joy: Yeah, sometimes, you’re like ugh. 

Claire: Why can’t you just be like, “I don’t like lattes.” No, “I don’t drink lattes.” It has to be a statement about you. I don’t do –

Joy: I don’t do gluten.

Claire: I don’t do gluten. Okay. No one asked you whether or not you do gluten.

Joy: I can’t. Okay, this is the other thing. I’m not eating dairy right now or for the foreseeable future because of the stuff I was doing on my Graves’ Disease plan, blah, blah, blah. I was talking to Mom Sandy the other day and she was making ice cream for some people, blah, blah, blah, blah. And they had all these dietary restrictions. I was like, if someone’s going out of their way to make ice cream and trying to do all these different dietary restrictions and I got there and some of it happened to have milk in it, I would freaking eat the ice cream. A one-time deal isn’t going to kill you. 

Claire: Like unless your throat’s going to close.

Joy: Exactly, exactly. I’m not going to have an allergic reaction. Exactly. I know that I will – yes. That’s a great clarification because I don’t want to get hate mail. Like Sandy cannot have fish or peanuts. She will literally go into anaphylactic shock.

Claire: She will die. It will be the last thing she ever does. 

Joy: That is the end of Sandy.

Claire: Sandy is a people pleaser, not to death. 

Joy: Not to death, right. Oh my gosh, I will never forget the time we were riding in a car with her and I opened up a bag of peanut butter pretzels and she immediately was like, “Oh my God, there’s peanuts.” I was like, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” I totally forgot that she’s allergic to peanuts. She will bring almonds on a plane and pass them out to people to be like, “Please don’t eat peanuts around me. I am severely allergic.” Anyway, love you Mom Sandy. Yeah, with the dietary restriction thing, if you can have a smidge of flexibility, do it. There’s times where I’m not going to be that person that’s not going to budge.

Claire: The “I don’t do gluten” example comes from a time in my life when I was doing grocery store demos and people would come up to the table. I would be literally standing there demoing bread or cookies and they would walk up and be like, “Does this have gluten in it?” And I’d be like, “Yeah, it’s bread.” Like, “Oh, I don’t do gluten.” Or “Does this have sugar in it?” Yeah, it’s a cookie. “Oh, I don’t do sugar.” You just came over here just to tell me that. This isn’t a restaurant where you’re asking if there’s something in something else. You went out of your way to come over to this sample, this poor 20-year-old making $9 an hour sampling at Whole Foods to be like, “Oh, I don’t do gluten.” Or the one time someone was like, “Do these have sugar in them?” I was like, “Yeah, they’re cookies. But it’s organic.” Trying to be friendly. They’re like, “Organic sugar is just organic cancer.” I was like, wow. 

Joy: Some people. Some people. Some people.

Claire: Just why?

Joy: There’s a lot of people, yeah.

Claire: I have to tell you this. My mom, she owned this demo company. So she brokered between the brands and the stores and put the demos into the stores. She ended up doing a lot of the demos herself. Not a lot, but a good amount when she couldn’t find somebody. One time she was sampling Mrs. Meyers, the soap. They came in these little, tiny paper cardboard –

Joy: Yeah, like little packets when you rip them open.

Claire: Yeah. Then it’s like cardboard, like waxy cardboard. Then this elderly woman came – I think she was in a wheelchair – came up to the table. She didn’t speak English. She took one. A couple seconds later, my mom noticed her out of the corner of her eye spitting and spluttering. She had taken it, thought it was like milk or something, and tried to drink it.

Joy: Oh no, no, no, no.

Claire: And now is like foaming soap at the mouth. My poor mom had to run over and help her. The customer service got involved. They cleaned her all up.

Joy: Oh no. Oh no, whoops. Oh my gosh. Oh. My mom and I were in Arizona last month. We were at a farmer’s market and this guy was sampling pistachios that had a cream chili mix powder flavoring on them. I love green chili and Scott loves green chili. I’m like, I’m going to get a bag for Scott. But he was passing around these samples. My mom puts the whole thing in her mouth. I’m like, “Mom, it’s a pistachio. You have to peel it. They’re not peeled.” And she was like, “Oh my God.” She’s chewing the shell.

Claire: Oh no.

Joy: I was like, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I forgot to tell you they’re not shelled. You’re going to have to shell that thing,” and she just spits it out. Beware of the samples. Beware of the samples, especially when there’s cherries or a pit. Don’t break a tooth. Be careful. I was going to ask you too, for your trade show, is this the first trade show since the pandemic that you’ve gone to?

Claire: Yeah.

Joy: That’s crazy.

Claire: So the last big trade show I went to was Expo East 2019, which as in Baltimore.

Joy: Right, I remember that. Because you got to see Laura Ligos there too?

Claire: Yes.

Joy: So great.

Claire: Then I had a couple smaller events in November 2019. And then obviously in March 2020 I went to Anaheim to the convention center, but we cancelled the show.

Joy: Oh my God, I totally remember that. I totally remember that. Speaking of California – and sorry, I’m getting whiplash going back and forth here, but I wanted to read this @overheardla. If you don’t follow the Instagram account @overheardla or @overheardnewyork or whatever, it’s really funny. It’s basically people that overhear conversations and they post them because they’re hilarious. But it reminded me of this post they did when we were talking about the dietary restrictions because it says, “Guy: Can I get a latte? Waitress: No, we’re out of almond milk. Guy: Can I just have it made with regular milk? Waitress: Oh wow. I’ll have to ask. But I think we can do that?” That’s such an LA thing. LA is a different world.

Claire: Yes, oh my gosh.

Joy: It really is. But I love it so much. Okay. And then the next post that just came up is the –

Claire: Oh, The Bake Off.

Joy: The Bake Off. So you want to tell the people what they want. 

Claire: So let’s actually recap a little bit because we got a question about this. What’s the difference between all these podcasts? Obviously, On Your Marks, Get Set, Bake! is a podcast where we just recap The Great British Baking Show, so that’s easy. The first episode by the time you hear this will have already been released in the UK. I don’t know what the distribution is in Europe. And then on Friday it’s coming out in the US on Netflix.

Joy: I’m so excited. 

Claire: And then on Saturday morning if I remember to pack my podcast stuff, which I’m looking at it right now and I better remember to put it in my suitcase –

Joy: Do it, do it, do it.

Claire: We will be recording and releasing our first episode on Saturday afternoon. So that’s On Your Marks, Get Set, Bake! The difference between Girls Gone WOD and This is Joy and Claire is a little more subtle. When we had Girls Gone WOD – and we explained this a little bit last week or the week before – when we had Girls Gone WOD, it started out all CrossFit all the time. It evolved into more health and fitness lifestyle. And so we changed it to This is Joy and Claire, which now is just whatever we want to talk about. So Girls Gone WOD is still a little bit more fitness and health and diet focused. So the first few episodes that Joy has revamped have been interviews with dietician, with intuitive –

Joy: Intuitive eating counselor. Mom Sandy.

Claire: CrossFit athlete, Mom Sandy. So people who are very much in that health and fitness world. Versus This is Joy and Claire, which is more of stream of consciousness, what do Joy and Claire want to talk about this week.

Joy: Yeah. Basically if you want to just listen to us chit chat, that’s what you’re getting there. Which you will get on Girls Gone WOD. And that’s the other thing is I know we are still – it was more of an experiment to bring that back to see if there was an interest because we really missed releasing on that feed. We’ll kind of evolve to see how many episodes we release on Girls Gone WOD. And obviously I have a lot of time right now to work on multiple podcast streams. But if I get a full-time job again, that might change. But I really just wanted to expand back to the fitness focus. For a lot of reasons. I missed it. It’s an important topic that people really wanted to hear. We’re getting feedback from people that they’re like, “You are my safe place to talk about this stuff. I don’t like going to certain podcast because they’re really more diet culture, and you were a place where we could talk about this safely that didn’t feel like it was too wrapped up in macro counting or exercise or weight loss” or whatever. And we do talk about those things, but in the realm of how we navigate this world and struggle with body image still and like to work out and like to live healthy lifestyles, whatever that means.

Claire: So hopefully that answers the question. And ideally by the time you hear this two days from now will be the first episode of Season 2 of On Your Marks, Get Set, Bake! I am so excited.

Joy: So excited. That show I really think last year was such a beacon for us to be able to do that project because of COVID and we were in the first year of COVID. It was just so lovely. I have such fond memories of working on that every Saturday and releasing it every Saturday and watching it every Friday night and taking notes, like “I wonder what Claire’s going to say about this?” And meeting all the bakers, and the host. If you guys don’t watch The Great British Baking Show or The Bake Off, whatever it’s called wherever you are, I think the podcast is really fun to listen to even if you don’t watch the show.

Claire: But you might also watch it because it’s delightful.

Joy: It’s delightful.

Claire: But if you can’t, if you listen, you can still track. I relistened to a few of the episodes last week, and I was like, aww, this is just so fun to listen to. Even though it’s myself.

Joy: I’m so fun.

Claire: I am so hilarious and easy to listen to. [laughing]

Joy: I like me.

Claire: I like myself. 

Joy: It’s so good.

Claire: It was funny, I was at the office last Friday, which I rarely am, and I was listening to a few older episodes. My boss’s boss came in and was like, “Hey, what are you listening to?” And I was like, “Myself.”

Joy: My podcast.

Claire: He was like, “Really?” I was like, yes.

Joy: I always listen to them. I listen to them when they’re released because I have to make sure that I edited it correctly. And especially now with three, I’m going to miss something, I just know it. But I will never go back. I listen to it once, and then I’m done. I’m listening to it the whole time when I’m editing. I’m always like, I just need to listen to make sure it sounds okay. And of course there’s always critiques in my head of what could have been done better and how I could have been better, but I like listening to it when it comes out. With everybody else listening to it. Really quick, the Emmy’s were last night, and I just have to say I am in love with Ted Lasso. If you have not watched that show, it’s on Apple TV, and it is so good. So that’s just a feel-good show if you are looking for a new show this fall. They released Season 2, which Scott and I are waiting to watch together and binge it. Which crack me up because I don’t care to binge shows. Like The Morning Show released their second season, that’s also on Apple TV and I love it because it’s Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Anniston. I’m just going to watch it every week. I kind of like the anticipation of a new release to be like, oh I’m going to watch the show, and sometimes I’ll rewatch the show from last week. But Scott, he’s waiting for the entire Ted Lasso to be released before he starts it because he likes just to binge it. So we have not started Season 2 yet, but it is the most wholesome, pure, good feeling characters. You just fall so deeply in love with the characters on Ted Lasso. They just completely took all the Emmy nominations. I think every category had three nominations from that show. While they didn’t win every Emmy, they won a lot. And I was so, so happy that Jason Sudeikis won an Emmy because I’m like, that is the best revenge because his wife left him for Harry Styles. The guy has a special place in my heart, especially because he wrote that show. And then one of the lead actresses on Ted Lasso won an Emmy and she’s just delightful. I was very excited to watch that. I love watching award shows. Scott and I love watching award shows. We love the fashion. That’s my hot take from the Emmy’s of 2021.

Claire: I still haven’t seen Ted Lasso and I need to. We don’t have Apple TV.

Joy: You will definitely be able to tolerate that show. It’s not high stakes. It’s not stressful. It’s not awkward. It’s just wholesome, heartwarming. Just so good. It’s so good.

Claire: Okay. Do we want to do some Q&A?

Joy: Let’s do it.

Claire: Let’s do it. Let’s start with – oh I love this one – 

Joy: Before I forget, my last hot take is to watch Hacks on HBO with Jean Smart. It is so good. So, so good. Okay. That’s all.

Claire: Okay.

Joy: Moving on.

Claire: Question number one, you ready? Build your perfect sandwich.

Joy: I love this question so much. I love this question so much. You know, in Mesa, Arizona they had a sub shop and I can’t remember the life of me – everyone in Mesa is probably screaming… Ned’s! It was Ned’s! Ned’s Sub Sandwiches in Mesa, Arizona had the best sandwiches. And all I can think about is all the meat that they put on it and this coleslaw type of stuff with the most amazing dressing on it. I would kill for a Ned’s submarine sandwich right now. So I don’t necessarily think that I’m building the perfect sandwich myself, but I would just say Ned’s in Mesa, Arizona is my favorite sandwich hands down.

Claire: That’s amazing. I feel like it kind of depends on my mood what my perfect sandwich is. But it would definitely include some kind of a pickled thing, like a pickled onion or some kimchi or some sauerkraut, something in that realm. Definitely a lot of melted cheese. Definitely a roasted red pepper thing. Mmhmm.

Joy: I would kill for a grilled cheese sandwich right now. And don’t even at me with the freaking vegan cheese. It’s not the same. Please don’t. It’s not, it’s not the same. Oh – how do you feel about BLT’s? Because I like a good BLT.

Claire: I like them. I like a good BLT. Okay, let’s do a couple quick ones. Is Dazzle Dry worth it? What is Dazzle Dry?

Joy: Okay, Dazzle Dry is a nail polish. I have it on right now. You know how the hottest thing comes around and they probably pay for a lot of marketing and all the sudden you see it on your Instagram feed and everyone’s posting about it and you’re like, is this even worth it? Like right now I’m seeing a crap ton of ads for Athletic Greens. I’m like, why do I need this in my life? It seems to be the hottest rage. Part of me is like, maybe they have a big budget for marketing and they’re getting all these influencers to talk about it. So I’ll just say this, Dazzle Dry nail polish, it’s not going to change your life. However I will say it’s worth the money if you don’t go and get manicures. I think if I was to rank a nail polish, Dazzle Dry is probably one step above Essie. And I use Essie, I buy from Target. Essie nail polish lasts about a good week if you’re not super hard on your nails. Dazzle Dry lasts about 8-9 days. So it is true what they say that it lasts. However, I’m also someone that hates long nails. So the second my nails start to get long, I’ll cut it off and I’ll just start over and I’ll put new polish on. The thing that I do like about it is the application process is really easy, meaning they have a three-step process. You put a base coat, then you put the polish on, then you put the top coat on. And the top coat dries super fast. I’m talking probably faster than any dry drops or any top coat quick-dry stuff that you probably have done before. Because I have a couple things that I really like for quick dry, but this is super, super fast. Meaning you could probably cook a meal after you do your nails and you wouldn’t be messing up your nails. So I do like that. I will say that I bought a kit. I think it was a Valentine’s Day special. I would wait for the specials. But it does make up for if you do go to the salon and get manicures, I do think it’s worth the money. But if you don’t want to spend that much money on Dazzle Dry, I would say Essie is a good step down from that that lasts close-is as long. Essie is E-S-S-I-E.

Claire: This is another quick one. Can Claire give an update on Brandon’s new job and schedule and what the struggles are with that? So Brandon started a new job at the beginning of the summer in June. He used to work at a hospital and now he works at a surgery center. The biggest thing that changes was that he worked the normal schedule 7-7 at the hospital, and he now at his new job instead works four tens. He doesn’t have any weekends, any holidays, or any on call. But his schedule is a lot less strict, in the sense that when you work at the hospital unless something crazy is going on, you get off at 7. You have to do your transfer to the other nurse, but not even really, like when he worked in surgery because you would be on call but it wasn’t like working on the floor where you have someone else coming in. So it’s definitely been an adjustment because probably 10% of the time he gets done early, and then probably 20% of the time he gets off late, and then the rest of the time in there he gets home right around the time he’s supposed to. It’s been a struggle because when you have kids and you have so much going on, it’s hard to not know what time to expect your spouse to get home. Especially when it comes to school pick up and that kind of thing. And then now that Miles is doing karate and that’s in the evenings. We’re kind of just more getting used to it. It was a bit of a learning curve because I was really used to, other than Brandon being on call, I was used to knowing when he was going to get home pretty much exactly. And so I just kind of had to get used to being more flexible in the evenings and not planning on having him around. And if he is home, it’s kind of more of a bonus. But I really like the fact that he doesn’t have to work weekends, of course. Not being on call is huge. 

Joy: Oh my God, I remember that. That was a huge stress.

Claire: Yeah. And it’s obviously super nice for him to have holidays off because then we just don’t have to worry about it. Because when you work at the hospital at the beginning of the year, you put into a pool a request with all of your coworkers about which holidays you want to have off. You kind of have to know in January whether or not you’re going to ask for Thanksgiving off or Christmas off or whatever. It’s nice not to have to do that anymore. Okay. How do you spend so much time on social media without wanting to pull your hair out? We don’t spend that much time on social media and we do want to pull our hair out.

Joy: Yeah, I would say I get on there a few times a day, maybe four or five times a day sometimes. And I try to just limit it, meaning I know that I will just mindlessly scroll – and especially right now, it sounds really silly, but because I’m not really working full time, I’m keeping myself pretty busy and I’m not really sitting on my phone a lot. But when I am, I try to limit the time that I’m actually on social media. I’m doing more stuff like, maybe I’ll be on Words with Friends. Which I’m on by the way. I still have people from this podcast that friended me on Words with Friends and we play all the time. It’s like my favorite thing to do, and I just do something that enriches my brain. But I still want to pull my hair out. There’s things that I see – and we talked about this a little bit on the Girls Gone WOD podcast with Molly Bahr about how you obviously need to curate your feed but limit what you see on social media. It’s hard not to get swept up in things, but you have to realize that you’re opening yourself up to stuff that you’re just not going to like. There’s going to be stuff on social media that you’re going to see and you’re like, ugh, that just doesn’t land very well. So I try very hard to either limit my time when I’m feeling like that. And what you’ve said before Claire where you’re like, am I in a space to be open to whatever comes at me when I open social media? Like, am I in the space to hear this? If we get comments or things. Every once in a blue moon, we’ll get a comment that I’m just like, really? It does make me want to pull my hair out.

Claire: You said it. I don’t have anything to add. Just that I think we’re on social media less than we probably appear to be.

Joy: Yes.

Claire: Which is a good thing. Okay. Public speaking tips.

Joy: Public speaking tips. Practice.

Claire: Do you like to public speak?

Joy: No, I don’t. I didn’t used to. I used to be horrible at it. But I will say that – I feel like I’m saying that a lot. “I will say.” I got that from Mom Sandy. She always says, “I got to say.” Public speaking tips. I used to hate it and be really bad at it. Podcasting made me much better at it, and I think that it has to do with practicing. Because you’re speaking on a microphone. You have to learn how to speak clearly and not use a lot of filler words and all that stuff. I remember when we first started podcasting about 6 months to a year in and I would have to do some speaking at work, I would feel really fluent in public speaking. Or I would feel better at being in front of people and talking. I know that sounds silly, but if you can go to Toastmasters or you can do something where you’re in an environment where you can practice. I don’t think the tricks of imagine everyone naked and just don’t be nervous, that didn’t work for me because the only way that you can get over that fear is to practice. Maybe it’s practicing speaking into your phone and doing voice memos just to yourself and doing a voice memo diary to yourself and you’re just talking. But other than that, I don’t know if I have any tips other than truly if you wanted to get really good at it and you feared being in front of people, which I think just comes with a level of anxiety period. There’s some low-level anxiety. Maybe you’re not totally nervous. Then maybe take a Toastmasters class. Or even just do something on Zoom where you have to talk in front of people.

Claire: Yeah. There are definitely public speaking coaches out there. I think the thing about practicing is when people are being interviewed or when they have to talk on stage, if it’s not a speech that you have completely memorized – which that is its own difficult thing. 

Joy: Can you imagine the people that do Ted Talks? How do they do that? Oh my gosh.

Claire: I mean, I think it’s hard because when you’re on a stage in front of people, it’s really hard to replicate that and it can make you feel really nervous and you can almost like black out. Like, what am I saying?

Joy: Oh my gosh, you totally dissociate because you’re just like [distressed sound].

Claire: And it really does come down unfortunately to practice, which is this Catch 22. You don’t want to do it because you’re not good at it, but you can’t get better without doing it.

Joy: Right. And maybe you do smaller crowds, smaller crowds, smaller crowds. When we started doing live shows, that made me nervous. But we started small. I think our first live show was 20 people or 30 people, and then we had 60-80 people, and then we had 100 people. So it slowly starts to build. Granted, we didn’t do a ton of live shows, but it was enough to where I started to feel a little more comfortable.

Claire: And I think there’s also a part of it where it’s not necessarily that you get better at it. It’s that you realize that stumbling over words or losing your train of thought is not as detrimental as you think it’s going to be, not as fatal, and you can kind of just pick it back up. Think about it. If you’ve ever watched a speech or seen somebody speak, it actually kind of breaks the tension in those moments where they actually say the wrong thing. Or I actually meant to say this before. During the pandemic, I’ve been doing so much presenting on Zoom. I have been hosting a ton of digital events for my job. And that’s the biggest thing I learned is people are so afraid to mess up or lose their train of thought or stutter or whatever, but when you do people are just like, oh. 

Joy: It’s not a big deal, yeah. It’s just not a big deal. I remember, too, this reminds me of something that helped me was when I was teaching aerobics classes and spin classes. Teaching any type of fitness class really forces you into being a public speaker. Maybe if you could get into some kind of adjacent job where you’re teaching. But I remember thinking whenever I would teach spin, the instructors that I loved the most, if you messed up you just keep going. You don’t acknowledge, you don’t say sorry, you don’t acknowledge it and draw attention to it. You just keep moving forward. And that’s what I think is really important. But I would say practice, practice, practice.

Claire: Okay let’s see here. We have a couple questions here about raising kids. It’s definitely a string of questions that are all related. How old is too old to have a child? If I only have one child, what can I do to avoid only child issues? Is it possible to raise a bilingual child if I’m not personally 100% fluent? Some pretty specific questions. And I think the answer to all of them is it kind of depends.

Joy: It kind of depends.

Claire: I know that those are a lot of questions that people have before they start having kids. I know for example Shane Farmer and his family, their kids go to bilingual preschools. I think that they do speak some French. I’m not sure if they’re fluent in French and a little bit of Spanish. But his kids are very adept – I don’t know if they’re fluent, but they’re very adept because they go to a bilingual school. I do think that those are the types of things where if that’s something that you want to have and want to do, those options and those opportunities are out there. How old is too old to have a child? I think that’s a question you have to answer for yourself. I think the same thing with what can you do to avoid only child issues? What do you consider to be only child issues?

Joy: Yeah, a part of me is like I’ve seen plenty of – we could ask the same question about three kids and how to avoid the middle child or the oldest and youngest issues. I don’t think there’s a bad thing with being an only child. We could talk about how my brother and I have the twin thing and how we dealt with those dynamics. There’s always going to be some type of birth order dynamic and an only child dynamic. If you ask me, I’ve worked with kids and families over the years, it doesn’t matter as long as you have love for your child and you raise them with good values and you have a good supportive family. I’ve seen so many people who have issues as an only child or middle child or – you know what I mean? That isn’t a thing to have issues for just an only child.

Claire: And I don’t want to say that to say these are dumb questions, don’t worry about it.

Joy: No, no, no, no.

Claire: But more so to say these are the types of things that we do all think about and worry about. Especially if you’re thinking about having kids, there’s a bagillion unknowns and you do want to start thinking about those things ahead of time. And the answer is, it depends. It depends on who you are as a person. It depends on the support system you have around you. It depends on what your values are that you want to prioritize for your kid or your kids. I think if I could go back in time and give my pre-child self one piece of advice, it would be you are going to have way less control over these things than you think you are because your kids are going to be the people that they’re going to be. I know there’s this whole big nature vs. nurture psychology theory. But anyone who’s ever had kids, you know that to some extent even before they’re born your child has their own personality. Evie and Miles were completely different in utero. Even their little personalities of kicking around in there were so different. You kind of have to take their lead. You really don’t have a choice.

Joy: Yeah, you don’t have a choice.

Claire: As much as I wish you did.

Joy: Alright, should we do a quick one to end? I like this one. How much time per week is it okay to watch TV? [laughing]

Claire: Oh my gosh.

Joy: Let’s just do this. How many hours a week do you think you personally watch TV?

Claire: Watch TV?

Joy: Yeah. Watch a show, watch TV.

Claire: One…

Joy: One hour a week?

Claire: I don’t watch TV or shows. But I spend a lot of time on Instagram. I spend a lot of time on news websites. I’m on the computer all day every day. I maybe will watch part of a movie with Miles on the weekend.

Joy: So you’re very little watching of the TV.

Claire: It’s unusual for me to end my night with a TV show. It’s not like it never happens, but it’s probably a couple times a month.

Joy: Wow, okay. We’re very different. Because Scott and I like to watch the news. I think I’ve said this. We like to watch the news with Kyle Clark, 9NEWS, and then Lester Holt, and then 9NEWS again. They have a 4, 5, and 6 – anyway, we’re so old. And then we’re eating dinner during that time. Most of the time, we’ll pick a show. Right now because it’s football season… this sounds really bad. It’s not bad, but it sounds bad. But because Scott has all this football to watch, I kind of get free time to be like, I’m going to go watch what I want to watch. But normally we’ll have to pick something we can watch together. But we’ll watch a TV show or a movie or something. That’s every night. That’s a good four hours a night.

Claire: I just don’t have time for that. 

Joy: And that’s just –

Claire: It’s our different lives.

Joy: Yeah, different lives. Again, this is a good question of it depends. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Sure, there’s probably something – we could go out and take the dogs for another walk, but we don’t and we enjoy it.

Claire: That’s the thing. My nights go I finish work, I immediately start cooking dinner. I feed my kids. We maybe try to go for a short walk as a family. We come home. Bath time. Evie goes down while Miles – like, Miles will watch a show or he’ll play on his iPad for a little while, do an activity on the iPad or something for maybe 30-40 minutes. And then he’ll have a snack and go to bed. By then, it’s 9 o’clock. Now I have to take a shower and go to bed.

Joy: Now you have to wind down and go to bed.

Claire: Exactly. I just don’t have time. If I did, I would. And not to say, gosh Joy. It is. It’s so different.

Joy: It’s totally different. Alright. Well that’s it for this week. I wish you a good trip on your trade show. And… let’s give the listeners a little plug for Eat to Evolve.

Claire: Yeah. So you can go to eattoevolve.com, discount code is JOYCLAIRE15. That gets you 20% of your first order. So delicious. The other night I got home a little bit late and just heated one up for dinner.

Joy: Okay. I’m not a huge – is it pulled pork and carrots? I think it’s the pulled pork. I’m not a huge pulled pork person. That’s not what I would gravitate towards, but I just happened to pick it. I’m like, I’m just going to try this. And it was really good. So I’m like, I’m ordering that again. So the pulled pork and carrots is really good.

Claire: I will say, most of their shredded meat, whether it’s beef or pork, a lot of times I worry that that stuff’s going to be dry and it’s not been dry.

Joy: It’s not been dry. Good job.

Claire: Highly recommend. So please, support the podcast by supporting Eat to Evolve, discount code JOYCLAIRE15. Thank you, guys, for listening. If you’re in Philly let me know. Don’t forget, On Your Marks, Get Set, Bake! comes out on Saturday. If you are not subscribed, you can go to the link in our bio on Instagram and subscribe on Spotify or Apple Podcasts or really anywhere you get your podcasts. We will talk to you next week.

Joy: Bye guys.

Claire: Bye.

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