78: YOLO This

June 10, 2021

What happened to Ellen, Claire’s life updates including River, Joy reviews the Friends HBO Max reunion, Botox and plastic surgery thoughts.




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This is Joy & Claire Episode 78: YOLO This

Episode Date: June 10, 2021

Transcription Completed: June 24, 2021

Audio Length: 55:56 minutes 

Joy: Hey guys, this is Joy.

Claire:  And this is Claire.

Joy: This is Joy and Claire. Thank you for listening. How are you? Happy Thursday.

Claire: I just have to tell, Joy is in a much better mood this week.

Joy: Oh my gosh, yeah. Was it obvious last week?

Claire: No. But I mean, you’re just singing.

Joy: And the sun is shining.

Claire: The sun is shining. The tank is clean.

Joy: The tank is clean. The tank is clean! Every time I say that now, I think of that line –

Claire: I know. You can’t say “the sun is shining” without saying “ The tank is clean. The tank is clean!”

Joy: Is that Finding Nemo?

Claire: Uh huh.

Joy: Yeah. And I feel like we said that on an episode of Girls Gone WOD forever ago.

Claire: I mean, Finding Nemo came out when I was in high school. Let’s find out when it came out. It came out in 2003. Yeah. 

Joy: That’s when Ellen was really… I mean, Ellen is still really big. But she was so cute.

Claire: She was so cute. And then Finding Dory came out in 2016. Wow, it really hasn’t been out that long.

Joy: Really? 2016?

Claire: Yeah.

Joy: That can’t be true. Finding Dory?

Claire: Finding Dory came out in 2016. I do remember thinking, “Wow, I’m surprised that this still had legs.” 

Joy: Sure.

Claire: And it did. Fins, I guess you would say.


Claire: See what I did there?

Joy: Do you believe the drama with Ellen?

Claire: A hundred percent.

Joy: You do?

Claire: Oh yeah.

Joy: Why?

Claire: Because this is one of those scenarios where people have nothing to gain and everything to lose by calling it out.

Joy: Okay. Well for listeners who maybe don’t know what the drama is, I don’t know, what do you want to say – a year ago, there were some people who came forward who said that Ellen, the business and the talk show, had a very toxic work environment. We kind of touched upon toxic work environments in the past few episodes.

Claire: Speaking of which.

Joy: Yeah, speaking of which. That was something that was kind of blowing up about a year ago, and Ellen was in hot water.

Claire: And she sort of played dumb. 

Joy: Did she? Okay.

Claire: She was like, “Oh, I had no idea that these certain producers were treating them like that. I would have fired them.” And everyone was like, okay great, but you did know and you’re not immune from it either. I think a lot of people were like, she fired some people but it was to save face. It didn’t really solve the problem. She sets the tone. I have never watched daytime television really. I haven’t had cable since college. But I do really appreciate the times around Halloween when she makes her favorite producer go through the haunted houses.

Joy: Oh my God. Is it Andy? I want to say his name is Andy.

Claire: Andy, yes.

Joy: If you have not watched, just Google “Andy haunted house Ellen” or whatever. If you have never seen Andy go through the haunted houses – and I think they started doing it with celebrities, which is really cute too.

Claire: The celebrity ones though to be honest with you are not as funny as the earlier ones where he either goes through by himself or with another member of the staff. Because I feel like when you’re going through it with Chrissy Teagan –

Joy: It’s like I just want to be focusing on Chrissy Teagan. I’d be like, “Wow, you’re so beautiful. I don’t care about the scary thing next to me.” Yeah.

Claire: The earlier ones are way funnier.

Joy: So good.

Claire: They’re so funny. It doesn’t have to be near Halloween. If you just need to laugh out loud, go look them up.

Joy: So you never watched it.

Claire: I never really watched it. I mean, I liked Ellen abstractly. But I also really liked her because of her performance as Dory. But no, I totally believe it because I just don’t think, yeah – she’s a very beloved media figure. People wouldn’t have anything to gain by speaking out about something like that and would have a lot to lose. It’s one of those things where –

Joy: We don’t work there. We don’t know the truth. When I heard about that, it was like, she’s such a happy, positive, funny. person. How could she be so hard to work for or whatever. And I also remember Karen Kilgariff from My Favorite Murderer. I want to say a long time ago had made some tweet about that because she used to work for the Ellen show. So I think she either said something in a tweet or had alluded to something like that, that it was true. In any event, don’t be e jerk at work. Don’t be a jerk at work.

Claire: Don’t be a jerk at work.

Joy: [singing] Don’t be a jerk at work.

Claire: That’s our new jingle. I was going to say something else about celebrities and it’s gone because I don’t think about celebrities very much. So the thought didn’t stick, oh well.

Joy: But I mean, Andy was probably a fan favorite. Her show was really fun. It really was. I loved how she danced at the beginning. She always wore cool shoes. She did really good things for people. She had really good feel good episodes. But anyway.

Claire: Alright. So this week, we thought we would just catch up a little bit. Last week, we did a lot of catching up with Joy.

Joy: We’re so sick of that. Let’s move on from that.

Claire: We’re so sick of freaking Joy. This isn’t the Joy show. This is the Joy and Claire show, okay.

Joy: It’s really not. Enough of Joy. Joy, stop talking. Joy just hums in the background.

Claire: Joy, agree with me. Agree with everything I say.

Joy: I’ll just nod. That would be good podcasting.

Claire: Yes, as we all know. Just hit your microphone with your head every once in a while so people know you’re still there.

Joy: I love that you actually just did that.

Claire: Well, I needed people to know how it sounded. Please don’t edit that out. So in the meantime, Brandon started a new job, so I’m going to talk about that. He is doing pretty much the same exact job. Turns out, when you’re a nurse and I think a lot of more vocational-type professions, which I don’t consider nursing a vocation by any means because I know that requires a ton of, you know, extra training and schooling. Not that vocations don’t. Okay, you guys know what I’m talking about.

Joy: Yeah.

Claire: Nursing is sort of the same, no matter where you work, and that’s the beauty of it. So he’s working in the same unit doing basically the same thing, but now instead of working at a hospital in the surgical department, he is working in a surgery center. So it’s all orthopedic, which before he was doing all sorts of surgeries because they would just take whatever came in the ER. But now this is all orthopedic, which is great because it means it’s all prescheduled, which means there’s no weekends, no holidays, no on call.

Joy: He knows when he’s going to work. Beautiful for the family.

Claire: In a way, though, this job is actually a little bit less structured. It’s a lot less structured because at the hospital every single person. There works a 7-7 shift. There are some people who work day shifts, but for the most part if you’re a nurse, you work a 12 and it starts at 7 and it ends at 7, whether the 7 is am or pm. For this surgical center where Brandon’s working, his schedule varies day by day based on what they have on the schedule for surgeries. So for today, eh had to be at work at like 6 in the morning because they were doing some total joint replacements, which take a lot longer, so they start a lot earlier and end a little bit later. Other days, he works more like 7-4. So I don’t love that personally because it’s going to make it hard to coordinate child care.

Joy: Sure.

Claire: Or he’s not going to know if he’s going to be available to pick Miles up from school until two hours beforehand, which is not great. But I will take that over him having to work Christmas Eve.

Joy: Sure. Or just being on call. 

Claire: Or being on call. I hate on call so much.

Joy: For people who do on call shifts, that just has to be so, I don’t know, you can’t really relax. You just never know.

Claire: You can’t relax. And for me personally, I get really bratty about it because when he’s on call, so am I. We can’t as a family go anywhere. He’s like, “Well, you can take the kids.” I’m like, “Listen, me taking both kids by myself to do something all day is not my idea of fun and relaxing weekend.” I love my kids. Love to hang out with them. I’ll take them out for maybe an hour or two, but the whole point of the weekend is to be with everyone. And especially this past year when I’m home all week, I get so irritated when he’s on call, so we can’t leave. And I also can’t leave and leave him home with the kids because –

Joy: Right, because if he gets called –

Claire: If he gets called, I have to –

Joy: You can only be somewhere that’s only ten minutes away at most.

Claire: I pushed him way out of his comfort zone and would go to the gym, which is 25 minutes away. And if you’re on call, you have to be there within 30 minutes. I was like, “Listen. I will work out with my phone next to me. I will put it in my pocket.” Which is a big CrossFit no-no, right. You don’t bring you phone out on to the floor. And I would tell the coaches.

Joy: It could get shattered, yeah.

Claire: It could get shattered. But it’s also like, this is not the space for that. So I would have to tell coaches, listen, my husband is on call. I might need to leave in the middle of the workout. And that had never happened. But Brandon was always like, “Make sure you have your phone.” “I have it. I have my phone.” “Is the ringer on?” “Yes, the ringer’s on. It’s fine. I’ll be there.” So anyway, he didn’t get called that much, which I’m grateful for. I know that a lot of people who work on call actually get called in all the time. He didn’t get called in that much, but in a way it actually made it more annoying for him to be on call. Because we aren’t going anywhere and you aren’t even getting paid. We get like $5 an hour just to be on call. You actually get paid with a weekend differential if you actually go in. I just get irritated. So no on call. So that’s really exciting. I feel like there was one other update. Oh, Miles, last week he did rock climbing camp. It was so fun. And then for the rest of the summer, he is doing farm camp. 

Joy: Do you still have the climbing wall in your basement that Brandon built?

Claire: Yeah.

Joy: That’s so cool.

Claire: And Miles, his interest in it sort of ebbs and flows, just like any big thing that you get your child. You think, oh my God, they’re going to use this every day. And then they use it every day for like four days, and then they don’t touch it for six months, and then there’s a ten day period where they’re on it all the time. Anyway. It was worth it. He’s not on it as much as I dreamed he would be. So he went to coming camp. There’s a kids only climbing gym in Boulder. Of course there is. 

Joy: Of course.

Claire: He loved it. And then he’s for the rest of the summer going to farm camp, which is at this super cute little farm in Longmont called Sunflower Farm. They have stuff on the weekends all the time. Families can just go. They have goats and chickens and horses and cows and sheep.

Joy: How fun.

Claire: So you. Go and you do the farm chores in the morning. All the kids, they first thing they do is they feed the goats. Miles got rammed by a goat today, just a little on the side.

Joy: Just a little bit.

Claire: And he was really, yeah. But they have chickens, they have peacocks, they have a tortoise. He’s just going to be there all summer climbing trees and feeding some goats.

Joy: That’s so great, I love it. So fun.

Claire: Yeah, and it’s only ten minutes from our house, which is a big bonus. Because for the last ever, we’ve been taking him to Boulder for school and daycare and everything.

Joy: Yeah, yeah.

Claire: I personally am just doing the same thing. I don’t have anything new or exciting going on.

Joy: Your mom’s living closer to you.

Claire: Yeah. My mom just moved into a new house that’s not even a mile away from me. So you guys probably remember about a year ago, my grandma passed away. Not from COVID, she had a stroke. She was living with my grandpa in Arkansas, and she was 88 or 89, and my grandpa at the time was 92. He’s now 93, and they were independent together. But without her, he’s not really independent. He’s mostly deaf. He can’t really drive. He can take care of himself. He’s totally mobile, so he can do stairs and all that type of thing. He can cook a little bit. He can take care of himself. But he can’t go anywhere. And obviously that’s a huge restriction, so last July he finally moved out here into the area. But he’s one of those people who was like, “I don’t want to be a bother.” So he didn’t move in with my mom. He moved into an apartment that was 20 minutes away from my mom. What ended up happening is she ended up driving over to his apartment every single day and spending all day over there. So finally decided this isn’t working. And my mom had been renting her house about 40 minutes from where I live. So they started looking. Like I’ve said before, the town that I live in, Longmont, is one of the more affordable towns in the front range to live in. So they started looking to live here. Ended up finding a house about a mile away from us and miraculously ended up getting it with how crazy the housing market is right now. 

Joy: Yeah, like crazy.

Claire: It’s crazy.

Joy: Absolutely crazy.

Claire: They did the whole like, waived the inspection, all of that. And they got lucky. Their house, there are a lot of deferred maintenance issues, but there’s no big problems.

Joy: Yeah, big problems. And I’m sure you have to do that right now if you want to get the house.

Claire: You really do.

Joy: Because you probably have 50 other people trying to buy it.

Claire: Exactly. And because they were moving out of a rental instead of having to sell their own house, they were able to be more flexible with the closing date and all of that. So anyway. That’s been great, but they’ve been dealing with getting the deferred maintenance up to date on the house. They had to get all this stuff installed for my grandpa because he wanted his own kitchen in the basement. Anyway. So even though she lives a mile away, we haven’t seen her. She comes over for 20 minutes here and there, which is so nice to just be able to have her stop by. She’ll stop by and just do bath time with the kids and then leave.

Joy: Yeah, and that’s so easy for her to do now because she’s so close.

Claire: Or it’s like last night, the house they moved into have these amazing peony bushes. I don’t know why I said that so weirdly. Peon-y.

Joy: Peon-y. [in French accent] Croissant.

Claire: Croissant. And so last night, she just drove over to my house, opened the door, brought in this huge vase of peonies, and left.

Joy: Oh Carol.

Claire: I know. It’s so cute.

Joy: That’s adorable.

Claire: And then today, I’ve been working not in my cute little office but mostly upstairs because I need to be with the dog and my office is not, A, big enough for a puppy to entertain itself in, but also there’s cords and stuff everywhere. Anyway. So I’ve been working upstairs. And I was sitting there this morning and I was like, “What is that smell?” In a good way, but I couldn’t figure it out. Finally, I was like, oh duh, it’s this giant bucket of peonies that right by my face that smells so good.

Joy: So good. So good. I have a peony bush just outside that it’s waiting to bloom. I can’t wait to cut them and bring them inside because they smell so good.

Claire: What color are they?

Joy: They’re a light pink.

Claire: Lovely.

Joy: Yeah.

Claire: Love it.

Joy: Like pillows.

Claire: They really are.

Joy: They’re pillowy.

Claire: They’re so fluffy. I love peonies. So that’s pretty much – I mean, I don’t have a whole episode worth of updates for you. I wish I did.

Joy: How’s River doing?

Claire: River is doing pretty good. Okay, so, again. Because I am not that trained as a dog trainer. Previously, like I said, we had this crazy dog. We had her trained by a professional because she really needed that level of intervention, and we were trained over the course of a day or two on how to maintain her training. And we were pretty proficient at that. But we weren’t a part of her actually getting trained. So even though we could maintain her training, we haven’t ever trained a dog from start to finish. It’s going pretty well. She’s really smart. We know she’s mostly lab, and we were told she’s Aussie but there’s no way. She’s got to be Catahoula because she’s huge and she’s covered in these Catahoula spots. Did I already talk about her genetic test on the podcast? 

Joy: No, I don’t think so. 

Claire: Really? I feel like I did.

Joy: I don’t think so.

Claire: If I did, I’m sorry everyone. This is just how my brain works. I don’t remember when I said things or to whom. So I posted something when we first got her on Instagram, and the rescue reposted it. And a woman started following me who was like, “Hey, I think I have River’s sibling. It will be fun to follow along.” Then a couple weeks later, she reached out and she’s like, “Hey, we had the genetic test done. I don’t know if you’re interested.” So she sent me the genetic test results. Looking at the genetic test results of her dog and also looking at her dog, I’m like, okay. They look similar, but I don’t think they’re from the same litter. Because her dog doesn’t have any spots. She’s completely that kind of blue silver, kind of Weimaraner color. And River looks blue silver, but underneath that in the sun she’s brown. Whereas that blue silver color is very distinct. River is more like all the mammal colors all at once. Who knows. This woman’s dog is part blue lacy, which is in the Catahoula, not family, but originates from a similar area and time as the Catahoula, but doesn’t have any markings and is a little bit smaller. But there’s no way River doesn’t have Catahoula in there. She’s super, super smart. She’s very lab-ish. She’s so dopey sometimes. I’m like, I love this. I love having a dopey dog. Our last dog was a border collie, Aussie, shelty mix. She was not dopey for a second of her life. And it was fun, but at the same time there were a lot of moments where I was like, I wish she would just be dumb. 

Joy: She was so smart.

Claire: Painfully smart.

Joy: Painfully smart.

Claire: Whereas River looks at you sometimes and she’s like [dopey sounds]. This is what I wanted. I wanted a dopey dog sometimes. But she learns really quickly. She knows sit. She’s almost completely potty trained. To be fair, we haven’t had her in anyone else’s house, so I can’t quite test. I don’t know what I would trust her to not pee in someone else’s house, but she hasn’t had an accident in the house in weeks. She’s doing really, really well.

Joy: That’s really good for her age, yeah.

Claire: And we do a good amount of time, like she sleeps in her crate, and then she probably spends a total of 2-4 hours in the crate per day depending on the day, like 30 minutes to 90 minutes at a time. That’s normally in the morning and around dinner time when she’s getting really bites. She definitely has sundowner stuff, which is really common for puppies. If you’ve never heard that term, it’s common also with babies. It’s also common with people with dementia where they get agitated around sundown. And she really has that, so we just put her in her crate, let her chill. So we’ll see. I do think we’ll still probably pursue more training with her. When we had Luna, the training that we did with her utilized an e-collar. And I know they’re really controversial, but the biggest thing that I loved about the e-collar was having absolutely very consistent off leash training. And for the lifestyle that we have, that off leash recall is so critical. Not to say that you can’t, but it’s hard to have that reliable of off leash recall without an e-collar. And so there were times when Luna, we would be on a fourteener, and she would take off after a pika. And she could have jumped off a cliff.

Joy: What’s a pika?

Claire: It’s like an alpine prairie dog.

Joy: Okay.

Claire: You know what I’m talking about? Those little things, they make the little yipping sounds. I almost just did it, but I’m not going to. Have you ever done a fourteener?

Joy: No.

Claire: We talk about this like once a year. Have you ever done one?

Joy: And have Brandon text me once a year to ask me to do one.

Claire: He’s like, “Yeah, Joy really wants to do fourteeners.” I’m like, Joy needs to stop saying that because I know she does not really want to do a fourteener.

Joy: [laughing] I really don’t want to. And it’s so funny how you’re like, “I don’t want to do a fourteener.” I really don’t want to.

Claire: I hate fourteeners. I know I’ve lived in Colorado my whole life. I know I’m supposed to be outdoorsy. I hate them. I just don’t like summit hiking. I’m not a summit bagger. I just want to go for a hike in the woods. I want to go to the lake. I want to have lunch at the lake. I want to maybe take a nap. I don’t want to just hike up until I can’t breathe and then turn around and hike back down. No thank you. 0% fun.

Joy: 0% fun.

Claire: So anyway.

Joy: So she would take off to a pika.

Claire: Pikas are basically the equivalent of an alpine prairie dog. They look sort of like prairie dogs. They’re endangered because of the climate crisis. Just FYI as a heads up. Pikas because they are very heat sensitive, so as the temperature starts getting warmer at higher and higher elevations, they’re being pushed higher and higher up. But Luna would take after one and after we had the e-collar, one little “boop” and she’d be like, “Oh, that’s right. Wait, I was with you guys.”

Joy: Oh, okay. So she would be really responsive to that. 

Claire: So we I think, we’ll see how River does over the next couple of weeks, but we might work with someone to train her in that way as well just because we know we’ll have her off leash. And we would use the e-collar and test it on ourselves before we put it on her. It’s really not – I know people are going to come at me about the e-collar. It was so effective with Luna. We’ll see, TBD about whether or not we’ll use it as a tool with River. But it just is so consistent, and we found it was really effective.

Joy: Can you plug the shelter or the place that you got her? 

Claire: Yes.

Joy: Because I know that you posted about her needing to adopt out some puppies.

Claire: And actually, this is a problem everywhere. Boulder County Humane Society was posting about this. I still follow the Utah Humane Society, which is where we got Luna, and they were posting about this. And the rescue where we got River was posting about this. Right now, dog rescues are in a crisis because people are returning the dogs that they got during COVID.

Joy: Really?

Claire: Yes. In major numbers. 

Joy: Oh God.

Claire: People were going back to the office and being like, oh my gosh, I actually can’t take care of a dog anymore and this dog is only a year old. And for whatever reason they got this puppy during COVID and now they don’t want it anymore, so they’re being flooded with intakes. And a lot of dogs, they’re calling “oops litters” from COVID. Where maybe they weren’t able to get their dog in to get spade –

Joy: Spade or neutered, yeah.

Claire: Yeah, so they ended up with a bunch of “oops litters.” And on top of that, there’s been a huge decline in adoptions far below pre-pandemic levels. So it’s sort of like everyone who was kind of considering getting a dog all got them last year, and this year there’s no one left who is still thinking about it. And so normally it’s kind of a steady hum of people adopting dogs. And it was like last year everybody jumped in, and now there’s nobody else who’s like – or it’s run way, way, way down. So the shelter that we got River from is called Moms and Mutts Colorado. They are mostly a foster-based rescue. They don’t have a shelter that you can go to and browse, but the reason that they’re foster-based is that for the most part they take in pregnant mutts. Then they have the puppies with the foster, and then the foster takes care of the puppies for the first eight weeks, and then they put the puppies up on the site and adopt them out. And they’ve gotten to the point where they can’t take in any more dogs because all their fosters are completely full. They haven’t been able to find more fosters.

Joy: I was going to say, do they need more fosters? Are there other ways people can help?

Claire: I’m not sure. 

Joy: Maybe contact them. Maybe find a way, if they can donate to them?

Claire: Yeah, donating would be really, really huge and helpful because they also are just having a hard time with covering the medial costs for all their dogs. So if you want to look it up, the Instagram is @mamcorescuedogs. Guys, they are so great. It’s nothing but puppies. Just go to their website.

Joy: Just go to their website. While we’re on that note, I also want to put a plug in for one of our listeners, Marie, who runs the account from Billings, Montana Shelter Mom. So it’s @shelter_mom_. Follow her on Instagram. Even if you’re not in Billings, Montana, sometimes she’ll post ways that you can help the shelter that she works for. The dogs are so cute, and she posts such beautiful videos with them. I just think her heart is the size of Montana.

Claire: It’s amazing. I love her videos.

Joy: It’s so beautiful. I really enjoy following her.

Claire: I agree. It’s just Grade A, heartwarming content.

Joy: 100%. You know what, I was talking to someone about this recently, and I don’t know who it was. Doesn’t matter. But you know how when you follow people and you just kind of are watching people’s Instagram and you’re maybe getting influenced by those 200 people that you’re following. I was talking to another creator about this and just kind of a content creator and how you can be influenced by other people’s posts and sometimes maybe copy them or they will copy you and you don’t realize that you copy them. I think about how comedians often say, oh I don’t watch other people’s comedy because I will undoubtedly, unintentionally copy someone’s material.

Claire: Inadvertently take it in and work it in.

Joy: Yes. It will somehow influence me, so I never watch people’s comedy just so that doesn’t happen. And I was thinking about this. Content creators, what if we were just like Beyoncé or Taylor Swift and we just didn’t follow anybody. Not that we’re even close, not even a paper thin –

Claire: Beyoncé. Taylor. Joy and Claire.

Joy: But I was like, there’s kind of something to that. Even on a smaller level. What if we just stop following everybody. I would still follow Shelter Mom. But what’s an account that you would still want to follow?

Claire: If we unfollowed everyone?

Joy: And you just had one account. Like Joy the Baker has this really cute account called Drake on Cake. It’s so cute. And she just follows Drake. That’s perfect because the account is really only for Drake. 

Claire: Let me see. I feel like there are always some people whose stories I just love. I love following all the mug makers that I like.

Joy: You follow mug makers?

Claire: Yeah, hello.

Joy: The moist maker. Oh my gosh.

Claire: I love mug makers. I love watching their pottery process. They all have such a cool aesthetic.

Joy: So soothing. Yeah.

Claire: They’re just cool to follow, so I really like them. 

Joy: Do you have someone you really enjoy, a mug maker? By the way, speaking of moist maker, I need to recap the Friends reunion after this.

Claire: Please do. Just go ahead and do that. 

Joy: Oh, but think of a mug person. Tell us who you follow.

Claire: There’s a lot of mug people that I follow. One of my favorites that I recently have been enjoying her stories. Her Instagram is @uzumaticeramics. She is based out of California. She just has such a cool aesthetic. She just moved into this cool new house in Bishop. She’s been remodeling it, so there’s all that kind of content. And then all of her actual things that she makes. I also like @sandboxceramics. I like watching her creative process. It’s hard to get any of these people’s mugs because they sell out within two minutes when they actually put them on sale. I still like following them. I’m just scrolling through my top of my Instagram right now to see who do I love when they come up. I also love @potterybyjenn. She’s based out of, I want to say Portland or Seattle. That’s where I got my favorite mug. There’s just so many good ones. And Erin McDowell who is my pie lady.

Joy: Oh the pie lady for sure. I don’t know what I would do without Britney Spears’ dancing videos.

Claire: Oh man. Britney,

Joy: She’s just joyous. She just loves and lives life. Yeah, so that’s what I’ve been thinking about. Maybe we just need to all pick one person to follow that has nothing to do with what we’re creating. 

Claire: It better be us. You guys all are picking us, right?

Joy: That’s true. Please just follow us. We’re really all you need.

Claire: Please be my friend.

Joy: Tell us what you need. We’ll post all of it so all your needs are met.

Claire: We’ll just repost all the other people’s posts.

Joy: Oh, that’s so funny,

Claire: Okay, Friends.

Joy: So Friends reunion on HBO. When did it come out? I don’t know, the last week of May. Everyone was talking about it. Really emotional. I thought it was going to be – well until. I saw the trailer – I thought it was going to be an actual episode or some type of hour-long bonus Friends episode. No, it was just them coming back to the set, having a reunion. It was great. So it starts out – I’m not going to go through the whole thing, but it was an hour and a half on HBO Max. It starts out with all of them coming back to the actual set. I’m sure there’s some kind of museum in the lot wherever it was. I don’t know if it was Warner Brothers or what lot it was in, but they had recreated the entire set of Friends. So they all walk in. You see their reactions of them walking into the set. Which was really cool because each person walking in, you can see it on their face of, oh my gosh I haven’t seen this in so long. Some of them haven’t seen each other in a long time. So just them coming together. The main point that struck me was how close they are. Even if they haven’t seen or talked to one another in a long time. Like you could tell that Matthew Perry, they hadn’t talked to or seen in a while. But it’s like they are so close, like family, true family, that it was just really cool to see that. I’m like, they’re actually really good friends. They really truly love each other so much.

Claire: I enjoy Friends. I’m not the type of person that’s like, “Friends is overrated.” But I was never that into it. It came out at a time in my life where –

Joy: I was going to say, you were probably a little bit younger to get super into it.

Claire: Yes and no. I have friends who are diehard Friends fanatics.

Joy: Oh really?

Claire: But I just never for whatever reason was into it at that time whenever it was coming out, and I’ve never been the type of person – even now, with any show – I’m never the type of person to just sit down and watch an entire series of anything start to finish. I think the last time I did that was with Schitt’s Creek because Brandon was out of town and I was trying to clean out the refrigerator. 

Joy: Maybe Arrested Development way back in the day? Did you watch that?

Claire: I didn’t watch that start to finish, uh uh. 

Joy: Oh.

Claire: I have seen all the episodes, but I don’t binge TV shows. I can’t. It’s not interesting to me.

Joy: I started laughing because all I could think of was Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog. Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog.

Claire: Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog.

Joy: God, such a good show.

Claire: It really was.

Joy: It is so freaking funny.

Claire: Anyway, all that to say, I appreciate Friends, I enjoy it, but I’m not into it. But when I saw the trailer for the reunion, I still was like, oh this gets me right in the heart. 

Joy: Right in the heart.

Claire: Even when you just see it for a second, you can just see, oh my gosh, this is so nostalgic. This is a big moment. It was almost like if you were to reunite with the people you lived in the dorms with. Go back into your old high school with all your high school best friends that you had kind of kept in touch with but maybe not really. And it just seemed so genuine. 

Joy: So genuine. I think that everyone who watched the Friends reunion, that’s kind of what we all – I’m not speaking for the masses – but when everybody watched Friends, it was like you just want to laugh, and it’s feel good, and it’s about people you love, and it’s the ups and downs. It completely, completely changed everything. They talk a lot about the creation with the producers and the writers and how they casted everybody. It was really well done. The way that they did the reunion episode though, it kind of jumped around a lot. Which was fine because you have so many things to cover. But it interviewed the creators, the producers, and then they also did a live show with James Cordon hosting. So they had it in front of the Friends’ fountain. They had this huge audience where people could ask questions. It was really cute. I’m like, who got to get to go to this? I’m so jealous. Then they had surprise appearances in the audience, like the couple that played Monica and Ross’ parents, super cute. So they had these cute cameos. Janice showed up. The only cameo that I really missed was Phoebe’s brother. I really wanted to see him. He was the best. You remember Phoebe’s brother?

Claire: Yep.

Joy: “My sister’s having my baby!” He was so freaking funny. I love when he would be like – she’s like, “What are you doing?” He’s like, “Melting stuff.” He was just the funniest, funniest character. So they had that piece. It was kind of a clip between the live audience, interviews, and talking with people in the audience. And then they’d clip to the whole Friends cast sitting in their old studio on the set, talking about memories and reminiscing, which was really cute. And then they had some parts where they would reenact some of the scripts. I think they did a table read together, which was really cute. The thing that Scott and I kind of nailed down was how amazing David Schwimmer is as an actor. He’s unbelievable. And I don’t know how we got that sense, but you just get the sense from when they’re talking to also when they’re reading scripts to just his being. He loves acting. There’s just something about him during that show that’s like, wow, Ross is really Ross. David Schwimmer is an amazing, amazing actor.

Claire: And is Ross. Kind of. Have you ever seen the Madagascar movies?

Joy: No.

Claire: Okay, well he’s the voice of the hypochondriac giraffe.

Joy: Okay.

Claire: Just go with me here.

Joy: Okay.

Claire: And you’re like, yeah, David Schwimmer is Ross is a hypochondriac giraffe. 

Joy: And he also played what’s-his-name. Lawyer, the Kardashian dad on the OJ versus whatever Netflix show that they did.

Claire: No, I definitely did not see that. 

Joy: I was a little worried because I was like, oh my gosh, this is Ross from Friends. And he did a really good job. He was actually the Kardashians’ dad. I can actually see him doing this. He’s amazing. I mean, it’s heartwarming, it’s lovely. I think the only thing that Scott and I were like, “What?” All of the sudden, record scratch, “Why are you here?”  They would cut to people who had been on the show. Like Reese Witherspoon, they’d cut to her being interviewed about her experience being on the show and how excited she was to play Rachel’s sister. But then all of the sudden, they cut to David Beckham being interviewed. I was like, I don’t remember David Beckham being on an episode. Why is he being interviewed about Friends? And he was just talking about how Friends impacted his life. I’m like, really David Beckham?

Claire: Almost David Beckham was in the room when they were asking everybody else and felt like they had to also include David Beckham. 

Joy: It was like, “Well he’s here. You want to just put him on?”

Claire: It’s like, yeah, who doesn’t love David Beckham? Yeah, sure.

Joy: He’s hot, put him on here. Yeah, it was really funny. But so great. It made me really reminisce about how, I think we all, like an album, like an important element in our lives, we think about where and when I watched Friends. For me, it was with my mom on this tiny little television set in our kitchen. We would all just sit around the kitchen. My mom would be making stuff or even just leaning against the kitchen island, and I’d be at the kitchen table eating or whatever, doing homework, and we’d be watching this together in our kitchen. My dad would pass through and he would laugh. Those are the memories I have of how that was our show and how we would always watch that together. And even in college, I’d be home on the weekends and sometimes we would watch an episode together. Or even just how funny it was during my life when my boyfriend and I at the time were dating in secret and how it totally mirrored Monica and Chandler. So it’s just really cute. It makes you really nostalgic in the best way. The only thing that I was a little bit woah was they all had Botox.

Claire: They just looked a little puffy.

Joy: They looked puffy. You’d look so much better. Just don’t do that stuff to your face.

Claire: I mean, it’s hard. I feel like in Hollywood… it’s a different world.

Joy: It is, but does no one tell them it looks really different?

Claire: Everyone around them looks like that too. Everyone in Hollywood looks like that. Like when we went to LA, and everyone we saw was getting a tummy tuck. And we were like, you know, I mean I wouldn’t judge you for that anyway, but I can’t even say anything because you live in LA. This is normal.

Joy: That’s true.

Claire: If you were in Hollywood, you don’t realize how puffy you look because everyone around you is puffy.

Joy:  I guess if you have money to blow, I’d be happy to fill my face in. I just feel like they don’t look any better.

Claire: No, they don’t. I agree with that. You don’t look younger. You just don’t look old in the traditional way.

Joy: You need to have that – I don’t know, who’s an actress who doesn’t do Botox?

Claire: Like Helen Murrin or somebody. If she does Botox, get me her Botox lady.

Joy: Yeah, exactly. Give us the number because you’re doing it right.

Claire: I know. I feel like I always say this, but I’ve never seen somebody who had convincing lip fillers. I said that to someone and they were like, “Well maybe you have and you didn’t realize.” I was like, “Great point, actually.”

Joy: It’s a great point.

Claire: I also see a lot of people who I’m like, I know your lip doesn’t just do that. [goofy voice] It doesn’t just sit like this.

Joy: [goofy voice] Pucker your lips.

Claire: [laughing]

Joy: But that’s kind of how their lips look. Anyway, if I ever had that much money to blow, I don’t know if I’d fix anything on my face. I don’t know.

Claire: I would get Botox. I’ve gotten Botox one time. I got it. 

Joy: Oh you did?

Claire: Yeah, so most people have they call them “the elevens.” Little wrinkles in between your eyebrows when you furrow. I don’t have one per eyebrow. I just have one mothership of a wrinkle that’s directly in the middle between my eyebrows. I’m only 33, and it’s just there all the time. When my face is relaxed, it’s still there. I don’t have to furrow to show it. So I got Botox on that once probably in 2017. No – 2016.

Joy: Oh, I didn’t know that.

Claire: Yes you did. I texted you from the parking lot. I was texting you and Jess, and I was like, “No judgement, I’m about to get Botox, and I’m nervous about it.” And you guys were both like, “Go you.” Didn’t even register. You definitely knew because I had a whole conversation with you about how I was worried about it.

Joy: I was so underwhelmed about it and nonjudgmental about it that I don’t remember.

Claire: I would do it again. I don’t know why I haven’t.

Joy: What did you notice?

Claire: The one thing I didn’t like – and I think that this would have potentially gotten better if I had gone back again to the same person and we had worked on it. I felt like because of the location of where my wrinkle is that I’m trying to make –

Joy: Relax.

Claire: What’s the word I’m looking for? Make less bad. 

Joy: Make less bad. Decrease, improve.

Claire: Whatever, improve. You kind of have to paralyze the whole top half of my face. I have to immobilize both of my entire eyebrows, which looks insane. You look like a sociopath, and you can’t make facial expressions. But the way that she did it, it just made me look like Jack Nicholson when I try to raise my eyebrows. Only the outer corners of my eyebrows would raise. And it got better.

Joy: Jack Nicholson, that’s so funny.

Claire: You know where he does that thing where he just kind of raises – 

Joy: Totally. Yeah, exactly.

Claire: But I think if I had kept going back a couple times and been like, “Hey, last time you kind of overdid it with the immobilization of the centers of my eyebrows. Can we play around with this a little bit?” And I think maybe if I ever do it again, I might get a little bit of filler, which would make me feel like the results were a little more dramatic. But one time, my mom – and she listens to the podcast. Mom, I hope I’m not outing you for botched Botox. But my mom got filler once kind of in the same spot, and the person giving it to her gave her way too much. It didn’t stay where it was supposed to and it sort of slid down into the bridge of her nose. So then she just had this lump in her nose.

Joy: Oh, ow.

Claire: I don’t think it felt like anything. But it just sort of sat there for a couple months until your body just naturally absorbs it over time. But it didn’t hurt, and it’s teeny, teeny, teeny, teeny needles. Needles don’t really freak me out though. Do you get freaked out by needles?

Joy: No, definitely not. No, not at all. I just think it’s funny. Not all of this is super expensive to do, but do you remember how much it costs to just get one Botox? Or how many Botox shots did they put in your face?

Claire: I don’t remember the number of units. I want to say the whole experience was under $300. 

Joy: That’s not wildly expensive. I’m thinking if you got a face lift, I don’t know how much those cost. Maybe $10,000-15,000, maybe more. I don’t know. Totally just making that up.

Claire: Yeah, a facelift probably is maybe like – so back in the day when I got fake boobs, that whole procedure was, I want to say, around $7,000 or $8,000. And the majority of that is the anesthesia. Anesthesia and time in the operating room. The facility fees and the anesthesia fees are the bulk of what you’re paying for any given surgery. But since you aren’t having to go under, it’s really not that expensive. But yeah, $300, you could spend that in a facial and some eyelashes.

Joy: I’m thinking if I really had a desire to make some changes to my face, realistically I could do it. And if I had so much money to blow, I think it would be tempting to just mess with your face or mess with your boobs or mess with your butt. I don’t know.

Claire: Why not?

Joy: Judge me. But I think I’d be like, “Let’s just try it.” YOLO.

Claire: YOLO. Got one life to live. Fill her up. 

Joy: But then feeding into beauty standards, I don’t care. There’s a part of me that’s like, I just want to YOLO this a little bit.

Claire: I just feel like, YOLO my face. What’s the problem? Here’s my take on plastic surgery and beauty standards. So we talk a lot about how showing up with your dimples and your body hair and your stretch marks and your whatever, sag boobs.

Joy: Normal things that bodies do.

Claire: Normal things that bodies do. Not making a big deal of it. “I’m out here with my thighs,” whatever.

Joy: Or even the pictures that I saw recently where people will pose one way and then they pose a different way, and they’re like, “I have rolls and both pictures are equally great.” We don’t need to do that either.

Claire: Stop. Just stop. Just post the picture with your rolls and don’t call it out. Just be like, “Here’s a picture of me riding a horse,” I don’t know. 

Joy and Claire: [laughing]

Joy: Wear a bikini top and ride horses.

Claire: It’s fine, it’s fine.

Joy: “I had so much fun riding my horse today. The end.”

Claire: The end. You don’t have to be like, “And look at my rolls.” So in those moments, what I’m getting at here is when we talk about those moments and we talk about those moments, seeing people who are just living their lives, seemingly without regard for these “giant imperfections” is like, oh great. If you’re not worried about that, that gives me a little bit of permission every time to worry less and less. The more people out there I see just living their lives with their saggy skin and their saggy boobs and their forehead wrinkles, it gives me a little bit more permission every time to stop worrying about that for myself. With that being said, I also can very much appreciate the fact that we live in a society where there are standards that have been created without our consent for us, and it really takes a lot to live outside of those standards. And it can cause a lot of stress. While I don’t by any means want to say that you need to look a certain way because I really don’t believe that, I am never one to say that if you feel you should look differently, do what you got to do. I don’t think anyone else should be in charge of that decision for you, and that’s where the waters get very murky.

Joy: Very murky. Because then it comes into, “Are you feeling bad about yourself? Don’t change because you feel bad about yourself.” And it’s like, maybe not. Maybe it’s just a very objective – well I think it would be hard to be super objective. Maybe it’s a decision where you’re like, I just kind of want to have, I don’t know… a facelift. I want to have Botox or whatever.

Claire: Listen, yes, I acknowledge that whatever this decision is, is not free from the influence of –

Joy: Exactly, exactly.

Claire: Capital “S” Society. 

Joy: That’s impossible to separate.

Claire: It’s impossible to make any decision free from the influence of that. So for an example, if I were to say I’m going to get a tummy tuck, it’s not because I think that anyone out there – and this is a very hypothetical situation because I don’t have $10,000 to spend on a tummy tuck. But if I were to say, I’m going to get a tummy tuck, the message I’m trying to portray with that is not everyone out there without a flat stomach is gross and by flattening my own stomach I am ridding myself of the burden of being gross.

Joy: Totally.

Claire: Right? It’s more like, I know that when you look at this part of my body, you’re like, “Oh, that person’s had kids,” and I maybe don’t want that to be the first thing that crosses your mind when you see me. Or maybe I’m going to get Botox because, like I said, I’m 33 and by the time I get to be 53, if I’m going to be able to hold a credit card in my forehead wrinkle. That’s where I’m going to keep my pencils. I just think there’s a lot of valid reasons out there, and who am I to say what’s valid or not valid by the way. But it’s just that murky grey area of saying, who is anyone else to tell you how to look or not look and what to do in order to get there? However, what truly are the factors that are influencing that desire?

Joy: That’s really hard. I think that’s really hard to suss out because I think it’s fine to say, like you said, this is a certain way I want to look. But then it’s hard to not tease out, well, that’s diet culture. That’s celebrity magazines and all the crap that we’re fed about beauty standards. I think that’s hard to really tease out.

Claire: Right. If you go and dye your hair pink… why do we draw the line at certain body modifications and not others.

Joy: Right. Like, I had braces when I was in 7th grade. I wanted straight teeth, and I asked my mom if I could get braces.

Claire: Right. I was given braces against my will, but I’m glad I had them now.

Joy: That is something where it’s like, straight teeth is… I don’t know. Maybe you need to get braces because you have something wrong with your jaw. There’s plenty of reasons why you get braces maybe to not have perfectly straight teeth. But that is something that I did not even thinking about it back then because I wanted straight teeth because I was embarrassed because I had a huge gap between my teeth. And in 7th grade, you’re like, I don’t want to look like this.

Claire: Right, you want to look like everybody else. 

Joy: Yes.

Claire: And to go back to the tummy tuck example. Well, what’s wrong with people looking at me and immediately thinking, oh that girl has kids?

Joy: Totally.

Claire: I’m probably going to be with my kids in that moment. I think what I’m trying to get at is it’s not worth it to judge people for those choices because the motivation is so complex, and it’s not black or white of oh you’re doing this because you think everyone who doesn’t look like a Barbie is gross. Or, oh you’re the girl from that TLC music video.

Joy: What’s wrong with looking like your natural self or whatever the case?

Claire: Yeah. It’s not black or white. And it’s hard.

Joy: And it’s all out there enow. So if all of the sudden, I don’t know… I’m having a hard time coming up with… maybe a real-life example for me would be I would get huge boobs or something. And all of the sudden I’m posting on social media and people are like, woah, that was definitely not there three months ago. Now all of the sudden, it’s out there and I’m – I guess you would say – being judged for it whereas before social media the only people that really knew about it would be your friends and family.

Claire: Right.

Joy: But because of social media, everything we do or don’t do is contributing to a societal problem or not standing up for a societal issue. That’s where it kind of comes into play where it’s like, oh you’re feeding into the patriarchy. You’re feeding into the beauty standard myth and all that crap.

Claire: Right. Instead of just seeing someone in a magazine – the other thing that I’ve been laughing about is people are freaking out about Snap Chat filters and how they’re giving teenagers unrealistic beauty standards. I’m like, hey, we’ve been talking about this since the 90’s with airbrushing and Victoria’s Secret catalogs. 

Joy: Totally.

Claire: These new Snap Chat filters are not making anything worse. It’s just giving you access to doing it yourself, which we all wished we had in the 90’s.

Joy: We really did, yeah.

Claire: I also think that what you were saying about everything being public, it’s also that everything that you do… we’re thinking way more about what will strangers think about this choice?

Joy: That’s an interesting point. That’s interesting. Never before have we ever thought about it.

Claire: No. When I was 19 and I got fake boobs, I had no worries about what are strangers going to think about this. Yeah, I was like, what about my boss who I’m not really close with enough to tell them what’s happening, and I come back after two weeks of PTO and show up with giant boobs. They’re going to be like, “Hey Claire, what happened?” It was more like that. Oh, this is a little more taboo. But it wasn’t like strangers are going to judge me for this.

Joy: Right, exactly. I had a boss years ago – no one’s going to know who it is – who got a boob job, and I remember that. She was super open about it, and I was expecting her to come back and it being a big deal, and it just wasn’t. It just wasn’t. And not only that, people who get really big boob jobs, they’re not getting huge, huge boobs. They’re mostly getting bigger boobs that aren’t like gigantic, enormous where you’re like, “Woah.” Like wearing a t-shirt you’re just kind of noticing, but you’re not like, “Woah!”

Claire: And you’re only really noticing if you knew them pretty well before. 

Joy: Exactly, exactly.

Claire: I will say the one thing that does drive me crazy, though, is when you have fitness or wellness influencers who have obviously had a lot of work done but are not upfront about it. The reason that bothers me is that they are selling an aesthetic. Usually saying, “drink this powder,” “do this workout routine.” It’s like Elle in Legally Blonde where she’s like, “I got liposuction.” 

Joy: It’s Legally Blonde.

Claire: Yeah, it’s Legally Blonde. “Normal people can’t have this ass.” And that makes me crazy. I’m like, okay, just tell us you’re getting Botox. Don’t make us think this is because you stopped eating eggs. Or just tell us you had a tummy tuck. Tell us you had a mommy makeover. Don’t make us think this is because you did 75 Hard or whatever that new thing is. 

Joy: I know, the next fitness craze.

Claire: Just say it, and it’s fine.

Joy: Yeah.

Claire: Or don’t, but then don’t turn around and sell your body basically.

Joy: Exactly.

Claire: That’s the one thing that just makes me a little bit – that is where I kind of start to feel like, listen, if you’re selling an aesthetic –

Joy: We’ve been bamboozled if you’re sitting there –

Claire: If you’re selling an aesthetic and you’re selling tools to achieve that aesthetic and you’re basically saying, “Look at me. You too can have this body by using these products and doing these things.” But you’re not being upfront as an influencer about, “And by the way, I get these treatments” or “I do these things.” I really love how Julie Bauer is so upfront about having fillers and having Botox and all the work she’s had done on her skin and all that. At first, it drove me a little crazy. And now I’m like, no, this is great because people otherwise would be following her like, “All I have to do is eat paleo and I too will have this smooth, silky forehead.” 

Joy: Or even like Mark Sisson who’s the epitome of health at his age. But you’re kind of an outlier. You probably also have really good genes. Like, I have – definitely not Mark Sisson genes – but I have really good genes to where whenever I talk to someone, they’re like, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t think you’d be 43. I’d think you were for sure in your young 30’s.” Which I’m like, hmm, thank you. But my mom is the same. My mom has really good genes. It’s just how we’re built. So our skin doesn’t look as old and blah blah blah blah blah. But I’m not going to start pitching beauty products, like “look at my great skin” because I just have genetics.

Claire: Right. You’re like, “I look this way.”

Joy: Oh I can’t help my face.

Claire: You’re not saying, “You too can look this young by using Target cosmetics.”

Joy: Exactly, exactly. There’s genetics to it as well, which I think a lot of influencers and fitness influencers where I’m like, yeah you have washboard abs even if you just ate cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Claire: That’s a mother thing I appreciate about Julie.

Joy: Julie, yeah. She always says I would have abs no matter what.

Claire: She’s like, “This is how I look. I will have these abs in 10 pounds. I will have these abs in 10 less pounds.”

Joy: Same with my shoulders. “How do you get those muscles?” I will always have these shoulders.

Claire: No one asks me anything like that about my body. What did I get? These freckles. Glad you asked.

Joy: Stop.

Claire: My freckles are natural, thank you. Although, freckles are in now. I’ve seen all these TikToks.

Joy: Are they? Oh yeah, people are putting them on their face.

Claire: I’m like, “Oh you.” You never had to deal with a blistering sunburn because you sat next to the window in English class. I don’t want to hear about you and your fake freckles.

Joy: By the way, speaking of Julie. Did you see, I don’t know I think it was a couple weeks ago. Someone keeps asking if we’re still friends with Julie.

Claire: Oh, we talked about this, didn’t we? That someone keeps asking her if we’re friends. And we’re like, “Yeah, we’re still friends,”

Joy: We’re still friends.

Claire: We’re still friends. It’s just that there was a pandemic, and Julie leads a very different life than we do. It’s fine.

Joy: It was just really funny. People wanted to cause drama. So maybe we’ll have her on the show again and be like, “Let’s pick some fights because clearly people think we’re not friends anymore.” Okay, I do want to do a quick correction from last week that I misspoke when I talked about Demi Lovato because she recently –

Claire: They, yes, Demi recently came out.

Joy: Demi Lovato…?

Claire: Because you said “she recently came out.”

Joy: Oh my God.

Claire: Demi Lovato recently came out as non-binary.

Joy: Demi Lovato recently came out as non-binary, and her pronouns are they/them.

Claire: Nope. Their pronouns are they/them.

Joy: Oh my God. This is how it happens. You just need to keep trying. You just need to keep trying.

Claire: You just need to keep trying, and you just correct your friends.

Joy: Yep, keep correcting. Keep correcting.

Claire: Demi Lovato’s pronouns are they/them. Thank you to the listener who let us know about that. We did not realize that, and so we were – 

Joy: I knew that. Like, I knew that. And I was just like, oh my gosh.

Claire: Oh I didn’t know that because I don’t follow celebrity things.

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Joy: Right now, I’m loving the chicken marinara.

Claire: Oh, I haven’t tried that one. 

Joy: It’s really good. There’s a chicken marinara.

Claire: I really like the carnitas.

Joy: I think you mentioned that. They have this awesome section that’s called Grab and Go so you don’t have to microwave it.

Claire: We’ve talked about that a lot.

Joy: Yes. And I love the Grab and Go. Super delicious. They have chicken salads and lovely dishes.

Claire: And they also have stuff you can freeze. Not all of them are great for freezing. I found out the hard way when I accidentally froze the Cuban pork, and there was a pickle in it.

Joy: Oh, yeah.

Claire: So that was weird. I threw away the pickle and replaced it with a fresh pickle from my fridge, so problem solved. Crisis averted. But I opened it and I was like, yeah, I probably shouldn’t have first frozen the pickle and then microwaved it. It was very weird. If you just want to have some on hand, it’s so nice if it’s getting late and I haven’t eaten lunch yet to realize I have some of these meals in the freezer. I’m just going to grab one. Or like last night, Brandon didn’t get around to making lunch for himself. He was going to make his lunch for the whole week. He didn’t get around to it. I was like, don’t worry about it. We have a couple meals in the freezer. 

Joy: Just take a meal. Love it. And you can do as little or as much as you want, so you don’t have to subscribe to a meal plan or anything like that. Alright. 

Claire: Alright, guys. So we will talk to you next week.

Joy: Okie dokie.

Claire: Bye.

Joy: Bye.

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