79: Mobile Diplo

June 17, 2021

Crossfit Games 2021, gym breaks, vaccinations, organizing, cancel culture, and Joy’s 2 degrees from Keven Bacon.




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This is Joy & Claire Episode 79: Mobile Diplo

Episode Date: June 17, 2021

Transcription Completed: June 29, 2021

Audio Length: 52:21 minutes 

Joy: Hey guys, this is Joy.

Claire: And this is Claire.

Joy: And this is Joy and Claire. Whenever I say my name, I always feel like I’m saying Dj-oy.

Claire: Dj-

Joy: Because if I say it really fast, I’m not saying the “j” sound. And when I lived in France way back in the early 20’s of my life, my French family – in French, you can’t say the “j” sound.

Claire: Right, it’s not a hard “j.”

Joy: And so whenever my French mom would say, “Joy,” she would say, “Dj-oy.”

Claire: That’s so cute.

Joy: So happy pride month. We were late on saying it last episode, but it is still pride month.

Claire: Yes. Happy pride month. We are donation-matching up to $1,000 to the OUT Foundation. We talked a little bit about it on our Instagram a week or so ago. We still have a little ways to go on $1,000. So if you go to our Instagram profile @joyandclaire_ and go to our link tree, one of the top buttons in our link tree will take you to the OUT Foundation to donate. We have had Will Lanier on Girls Gone WOD several times. I think we had him on Joy and Claire as well. He did a bonus episode for Joy and Claire with Andy last year.

Joy: Yes, during COVID, right?

Claire: During COVID, yeah.

Joy: I mean, we’re still in a pandemic. It’s just no t-

Claire: But during the height, during lockdown.

Joy: Yes.

Claire: He’s in law school now and still is the executive director, I believe, of the OUT Foundation. He’s wonderful. We love him, and we love the OUT Foundation. They do a lot of things to increase visibility and access for LGBTQ+ community members in the CrossFit and functional fitness and just fitness in general space by creating scholarships for LGBTQ+ people who can apply for a scholarship to join a gym. We love supporting them because they are a smaller organization, which means that our donation goes a lot farther. Literally, we are very good friends with the executive director. We feel very, very confident about where the donations go. We know that’s always a question when you’re donating to a non-profit. So check them out and please donate.

Joy: Please donate. And I just have fond memories of at the CrossFit Games doing the WOD in the middle of the whole eating area where they had the big Jumbotron. OUTWOD was able to do a whole workout and sit there for three hours and promote their organization and promote the OUT Foundation, and I remember that just being so much fun. It was really hot, but it was great. And remember when we bought the t-shirts. You could buy a t-shirt and a hat, and I still wear my hat all the time. I remember the t-shirts. I put the t-shirt on, and one of the guys was like, “You need to crop that.” They were just cropping everybody’s t-shirts.

Claire: He just walked up with a pair of scissors. 

Joy: Yeah. He’s like, “Please let me crop that t-shirt.” And I was like, “Okay, fine.” And it was so funny. Such good memories, year.

Claire: Speaking of which, we need to decide whether or not we’re going to the CrossFit Games. This always happens, every single year.

Joy: Oh yeah, it’s June. This always happens, every single year. 

Claire: We’re like, “Are we going to go? I don’t know. It’s so much work.” And then we go and we love it. Or if we don’t go, we have major FOMO.

Joy: So I feel really bad, but I’m so out of the loop with CrossFit.

Claire: I mean, same, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have a great time in Madison.

Joy: Fair. 100%. And I’m like, are people even going? Is this still a thing?

Claire: Yeah, are people going?

Joy: Are people mad at CrossFit still? What’s going on?

Claire: Is Rich Froning, is that guy still alive?

Joy: Is he still alive? What’s going on with Rich Froning? Is he going to be there? We just need to know all the details. I feel very out of the loop.

Claire: I know. You know who we should have on?

Joy: Dave Castro.

Claire: Let’s get Justin – Dave Castro, obviously. No, let’s get Justin LoFranco, The Morning ChalkUp founder on next month. And he can touch everyone who has been listening to Joy and Claire from the CrossFit days but has fallen away from following the seasons. And he can catch us up. So I know there’s one semi-finals coming up this weekend, and then I think there’s one more next weekend. Three might be more than that. But Justin just got back from climbing Denali. 

Joy: Oh wow.

Claire: Normal things that you do.

Joy: Oh Justin.

Claire: Oh Justin. So maybe we can have him on to get us up to speed with your pre-CrossFit Games, Girls Gone WOD throwback content if you’re into that.

Joy: Sure. I would be really into that. We just went from – not “just,” this was an evolution. But we went to the open workout in 2015. Was is 2015?

Claire: 2017.

J :We went to that open workout where we were just inches away from Katrin. And now – 

Claire: And now I don’t even know –

Joy: Who’s even in the Games.

Claire: Right, who’s even competing? I don’t even know.

Joy: Is Katrin still alive? 

Claire: Is she competing? I don’t know. I know. 

Joy: Is anybody hurt by now? Because that’s just what I’m waiting for.

Claire: And I also had to unfollow all those people on Instagram because their accounts were so diet culture-y.

Joy: Diet culture-y. And you can have abs if you drink this drink, yeah.

Claire: Exactly. Which is fine. Girl’s got to eat. Or not eat in some circumstances. Girl’s gotta get that sponsorship dollars. Which I completely – you know what – 

Joy: Girl’s gotta macro count. No? Too soon?

Claire: Girl’s gotta macro count? Girl’s gotta eat one gram of protein for every pound of body mass.

Joy: Girl’s gotta eat 1200 calories a day.

Claire: Oh no.

Joy: Oh my gosh, it’s not funny. It’s so ridiculous.

Claire: We’re laughing, but we’re –

Joy: We’re laughing at how ridiculous it is.

Claire: CrossFit athletes, that’s the only way they can make money, so I get it. But I unfollowed all of them because I just couldn’t have my brain in that world all the time.

Joy: Yeah. You just got to dip in every once in a while. Every once in a while, seek them out. Much like all the celebrities out there that I admire, they only follow one person. Which is going back to the episode from last week.

Claire: And it’s Dave Castro.

Joy: And it’s Dave Castro. I mean, he doesn’t follow anybody, which always cracks me up too. Oh geez.

Claire: I love it.

Joy: So CrossFit Games. Is anyone out there going? Would you guys want to see us? [laughing]

Claire: Seriously.

Joy: I mean, part of the reason I go to the CrossFit Games is that I love meeting people.

Claire: That’s like the whole reason. I mean, we have a lot of reasons to go. As I bring up all the time, Brandon’s family lives right there. We can take the kids, the whole thing. Most of Brandon’s wardrobe is purchased in the Reebok tent every year, and it’s been a couple years now. His shorts are getting old. His t-shirts are getting old. You guys think I’m exaggerating. I am literally not. Brandon wears scrubs to work, so he doesn’t have to buy normal clothes. We have our master bedroom – I use the term “master” very loosely. Because we don’t have a master bath. There’s just [tongue tied]… blah, one main floor bathroom.

Joy: One main floor bathroom.

Claire: Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog. So our closet, we just have your standard small bedroom closet with the two-panel sliding door, and that’s our entire closet. Then we have a nine-drawer dresser. So that’s all of our clothing storage. We don’t have a bunch of clothes in the basement, anything like that.

Joy: Just the piles of laundry in the basement.

Claire: Yeah, just the piles of laundry in the basement. That’s not a clothing storage problem.

Joy: That’s just not wanting to fold your clothes.

Claire: That’s just a… what’s the word I’m looking for? Order of operations problem.

Joy: If someone wants to make a crap ton of money, all you need to do is figure out how to make a clothes-folding machine.

Claire: Yes.

Joy: That’s all you need to do.

Claire: But also, I need a clothes putter awayer machine because I have a giant stack of folded laundry on my basement floor that’s been there for a week.

Joy: You just need the little pully thing… what is that? A dumbwaiter? That can pull it to the top.

Claire: Yes, I do. All that to say, of all of that, four drawers of that – almost half of our entire clothing storage space in our house is used up from CrossFit shorts and CrossFit t-shirts of Brandon’s.

Joy: Of Brandon’s.

Claire: And almost all of them have been purchased at the CrossFit Games.

Joy: That’s impressive.

Claire: So next time you guys see Brandon, which I know all of you do regularly, including Joy. None of us see Brandon regularly. I’m the only one. Just notice what year of CrossFit Games paraphernalia he has on.

Joy: Is it the bright orange year? Is it the teal year?

Claire: Green year, the teal year? Today he’s wearing the teal year shirt with the army green year shorts.

Joy: Oh great. The teal year shirt was Carson. Because I remember I got a teal year shirt. Blazing hot.

Claire: 2016.

Joy: I just remember being in the bullet proof coffee tent with Sandy doing some oxygen up our nose. 

Claire: I know, that was a great year. Okay, as we – we’ll just stay on the topic of CrossFit because my update is that I got back in the gym after being out for a month. I had some medical stuff going on, and I wasn’t feeling good. At first, I thought I’m just going to take four or five days off. It was only supposed to be maybe a week. And it turned into a month. Just my body did not recover the way that I thought it was going to or the way that it was supposed to. So I didn’t go to the gym for a month. It was really hard. It was interesting – we talked about this a couple of weeks ago. The way that my motivation to go to the gym has changed. But the thing that was hard about not going to the gym also has really changed. In the past, it would be like, oh my gosh, I feel fat. Which, again, fat is not a feeling. We know the now. For me, going to the gym is the only time I leave the house, And it’s definitely the only time that I see a group of people that I know. Like I can go to the store, but I don’t know those people. So not being able to do that for a month, I almost literally didn’t leave the house for anything other than groceries. I went on a walk or two with my friend Heather and maybe saw one or two other people once. It was so hard. And this is one thing I’ll probably talk about forever or until I get another job where I work in an office is that working from home is so hard for me. I said something about this recently on my Instagram, and so many people were like, I miss the commute. I do miss my commute. I had a 30-minute commute. It was really easy. I miss everything about leaving my house and going into the office. 

Joy: Yeah. And you use CrossFit as a way to have a commute because you have a gym that’s 25 minutes away.

Claire: Exactly. I just have so few other outlets at this point in my life. I am not signing up for any other lessons or anything.

Joy: Right, like places to go for yourself.

Claire: Right. And so I finally was able to go back last week on Thursday. So I went Thursday and Friday and then I went today, which is Monday. And even just going once, the shift in my attitude was immediate. It’s like, if any of you guys out there are Harry Potter buffs like I am – 

Joy: There’s a lot. There’s a lot of you.

Claire: There’s a lot of you. So congratulations if you’re about to get the reference, and I apologize if not. It’s like in Harry Potter when they were wearing the horcrux and it makes them feel like crap, and then they take it off and the world just lightens. That’s how I felt after I got to CrossFit for the first time in a month. Everything just feels lighter. It feels less dramatic. My outlook on life just feels less shitty. I feel like less of a drama queen instantly, and it was so nice. It’s so great to be back in the gym. It sucks always going back after a small hiatus because –

Joy: Any time off.

Claire: Yeah, to any time off.

Joy: You have to reorient your body to everything.

Claire: Yeah. And it’s like, man, I was so close to getting back to that movement, and now I feel like I’ve taken a few steps back. But I feel like leaving for a long period of time almost is easier because you expect yourself to really not be at that same baseline. But if you only leave for a couple of weeks, you are still so familiar with what it felt like to be where you were a couple weeks ago.

Joy: Sure. You kind of have that comparison. 

Claire: This is so much harder than it was four weeks ago. Versus if you’re out of the gym for six months, you’re like, yeah of course it’s going to be harder. I’m always just shocked and dismayed by how less fit you can get in mere weeks. But yeah. And it’s so hot, and we don’t have to wear masks anymore. I hadn’t been to the gym since masks had gone away.

Joy: Oh. Yes, okay. So I had a thought on this recently because I don’t know how you feel about all of it, but when masks were no longer required in doors if you’re fully vaccinated – and there are some places, like my nail salon, they still wear them and that’s fine. I don’t care. I’m going to honor whatever people want to do. But when this all first started, I wore a mask everywhere. I was like, this is too weird for me, I’m not ready yet, I can’t. I think what it came down to more was the social aspect of it because we still were in that zone where wearing a mask equals respect for one another. That’s kind of how I viewed it. And especially living in Denver, that’s how we are here. Rarely would go anywhere where people were not wearing masks. That’s just the signal that this is what we’re doing. So when it was lifted, I still was in that mode, well I just want to be seeing – and I talked to someone. I think it was Laura Legos. We were Marcoing back and forth about how you want to be seen as someone who is respectful and wanting to wear a mask. But also, if you’re wearing a mask, you’re like, but I’m also vaccinated. Like, you want people to know that you’re vaccinated. So taking off the mask feels weird, but also then that shows that I’m vaccinated. So anyway. It took me about a week, a week and a half before I fully was like, I’m not wearing a mask anywhere I go because now we’re good. We’re good now. Like I felt okay going into Target, going into the grocery stores. I think there’s also the feeling of you don’t know which establishments are still requiring it, so walking in kind of looking around like, hey, have a mask in your hadn’t. Mask, no mask, no? What are people doing here? But now it feels fine. Going to Target, no mask. Going to the grocery store, no mask. And I don’t even think twice about it. I still carry them with me of course.

Claire: I carry one with me because I still have been to a few places where, like the ice cream shop in Longmont, they stopped requiring it, but as of last week they required it. And a bunch of families showed up and couldn’t go in because they hadn’t though that they would need, you know. And is up to every single business. Again, I totally respect that. I think for the ice cream store, most of their employees were – they’re teenagers, they couldn’t be vaccinated yet. So they kept the mask mandate until teenagers could start to be vaccinated. And you know, nail salons, I feel like nail technicians a lot of them have always worn masks. Especially for acrylics and stuff. But I agree with you that I thought I’m going to be the last one. I’m going to be in it until the bitter end.

Joy: I’m going to hold on, yep.

Claire: And now, we walk into a store. Brandon keeps his on. I think it’s more so because he wears a mask all day. He doesn’t even realize that he has it on. So he’ll put it on and just immediately forget that he’s wearing it. I just bring one with me. I don’t put one on anymore.

Joy: I’m the same. I just put it in my pocket. If it feels like this is a place where we need to wear one, I’ll wear one. I still want to be respectful, but we’re also now in this middle road where everyone’s mostly vaccinated. Especially in Colorado, I think it’s almost 50%. But it’s funny how, and this really doesn’t matter to people outside Colorado, but Scott and I were watching the news one night and it talked about most of the people who are not vaccinated in Colorado are in all the rural areas. I found interesting because I’m like, wow, in the big cities everyone is getting vaccinated. But what is the fear around vaccinations in our rural areas.

Claire: Or access. I think it’s a combination.

Joy: For sure.

Claire: They showed a map of vaccination rates around the country and a lot of the southern and traditionally red states have lower vaccination rates. It is very political, and we’ve all known that this whole time. That’s not new to anyone. And also those areas have a lot more rural communities, a lot more lower income communities, a lot more Black communities. That is also a factor. I think it’s easy to look at those and be like, the right wingers just aren’t getting vaccinated. There’s so many factors to it.

Joy: Yeah, it’s not necessarily the case. I’m not making light of this, but I really thought it was so cool when Diplo had a concert and had a vaccination site. I’m like, Diplo, you just need to go to all these rural communities, have shows.

Claire: Just drive Diplo around.

Joy: Don’t even have a show.

Claire: No, just drive around, like on a parade float. 

Joy: Get vaccinated.

Claire: Can you just imagine him driving down 70 through Kansas on a parade float?

Joy: [laughing] That’s so great, that’s so great.

Claire: Who doesn’t love Diplo?

Joy: Aw, man. I’m just glad I now know who he is. So yeah ,mask wearing and back at the gym and now you’re on board.

Claire: Now I’m on board. And then today, speaking of not knowing who Diplo is, the coach was wearing these shorts that had – so they looked exactly like the motif in the cafeteria from Saved by the Bell, like that blue splash you know what I mean.

Joy: Yes, with the sprinkle thing, yeah.

Claire: And I said that. I was like, “Woah, check out those shorts. They look like they’re from Saved by the Bell.” And he was like, “From what?” And I was like, “From Saved by the Bell. Saved by the Bell.” And he’s like,” I’ve never heard of that.” I was like, “What do you mean? You’ve never even heard of it?”

Joy: How old is he?

Claire: 24!

Joy: What?

Claire: So then, somebody was like –

Joy: Oh Claire, you’re that age now where you’re starting to make references that they don’t understand.

Claire: I was like, “Come on!” And someone was like, “Claire, he’s like 40 years younger than you.” I was like, “How old do you think I am?”

Joy: 40 years!

Claire: I was like, “You think I’m 60?” I want to be like, “I’m 33, to be clear.”

Joy: Oh my gosh.

Claire: So then I was making fun of him for being so young, so then he put on an 80’s power ballad station and was like, “Now we’re going to listen to some songs from Claire’s childhood.”

Joy: Great, thank you. I love the 80’s power ballad station.

Claire: I was like, I’m a little offended but this is the best play of the workout playlist, so I don’t know what to tell you.

Joy: It really is.

Claire: I was shocked and appalled.

Joy: That makes me very sad that he grew up without Saved by the Bell.

Claire: Not even knowing what it is.

Joy: Not even knowing what it is. Kelly Kapowski.

Claire: And he was like, “Who’s in it?” And I was like, “Kelly Kapowski.” 

Joy: Tiffani Amber Thiessen.

Claire: AC Slater, I don’t know names.

Joy: Oh my gosh, that’s so funny. I think someone actually did do a Saved by the Bell podcast. I just haven’t listened to it.

Claire: Oh, I’m sure they have.

Joy: I can’t listen to those shows because I get too nostalgic, and it makes me sad. I don’t know why. It’s kind of adjacent to how I can’t watch some reality shows because I just get into this weird hole of nostalgia that I’m not ready for.

Claire: Okay, so then he’s like, “What’s the equivalent today.” I was like, “No, if they made it today, it would be a reality show.”

Joy: Yeah, there is no equivalent.

Claire: It would be like Cheer. It would be some crappy high school reality show.

Joy: They really need to make another season of Cheer. I don’t know how they would do that. –

Claire: Well they were making another season of Cheer, and then the pandemic happened.

Joy: That’s right.

Claire: And all of the competitions got cancelled. If you remember –

Joy: Yes.

Claire: In Cheer, Spring Break was their hell week. But then Spring Break was when everything happened.

Joy: Oh my gosh, that’s totally right. 

Claire: And then, Jerry got arrested for child pornography, right? 

Joy: Yeah, yeah.

Claire: So that sucked. Because it came out in the fall of 2019 maybe? It took me a while to see it. Or maybe even the summer of 2019. 

Joy: But you were really excited about it, right?

Claire: I ended up loving it. But I’m like, I’m not going to watch a reality show about a bunch of cheerleaders. And then Brandon’s sister, who has very good taste in television I have come to find out, was like, “You should watch it. You’re really going to like it.” And then I did. She was the one who told me how great Great British Baking Show is. She knows.

Joy: She has not failed you.

Claire: She has not failed me yet. Speaking of Great British Baking Show, I think there’s a new season that they’re filming right now. So it’s going to come out at the end of the summer.

Joy: Do I smell another Get Ready, Set, Bake!?

Claire: Absolutely.

Joy: I am really looking forward to another season of the Home Edit because I watch their Instagram, and it looks like they’re filming, and that makes me really excited.

Claire: I never watched that because I knew that I didn’t have the willpower for it to not turn into a $700 container buying binge.

Joy: Okay, yep. I allowed myself one room of things from the Container Store. Because I knew if I go into the Container Store, I’m going to leave with my whole life savings gone.

Claire: Gone. So expensive.

Joy: It’s so expensive.

Claire: This is a plastic square. Why?

Joy: Plastic things. I’m just like, okay, also when you walk into the Container Store, I don’t know if they’re still doing it now, but they had all the Home Edit line. I’m like, I need all of this. But anyway, I just let myself do the bathroom closet. Something very small. But I’m in that mode again where I’m like, oh my gosh. Because I have all this time right now. What can I organize? So maybe I just need one drawer or one cabinet. It can be so overwhelming. I think I spent an entire afternoon just organizing under the bathroom sink because of all the stuff that’s under there. So many products and so many things to throw away. Which by the way, please remember, go through your products. Look at the little lid that’s on the product.

Claire: Not the product lid. An icon that looks like a lid.

Joy: Yeah, an icon that looks like the lid is coming off of it. That means once you open the product, it’s good for it’ll either say 12 or 24. Then you have to throw it away. But then you have to remember when you bought it. I have a lipstick I put on the other day just because I was like, “I’m putting on lipstick.” And it smelled, and I was like, aww crap, I got to throw this away. But I got really upset because I was like, well, I haven’t worn lipstick in over a year. Who knows, I probably wore this once. My point is, had to go through all these products and throw a bunch of crap out. I think that’s really hard to do because sometimes we’re like, “I’m still going to use this.” But kind of the same thing with Marie Condo where it’s like, does it bring you joy?

Claire: Does it bring you joy? Is it going to give you some sort of bacterial infection on your face?

Joy: Get rid of it.

Claire: This past weekend, another big milestone occurred. It was the first time my mom had taken the kids overnight since probably January 2020.

Joy: Wow.

Claire: Yeah. So we have not – I mean, Brandon and I, we did that backpacking trip last summer, and then we had one night in a hotel in Boulder this winter. But other than that, we have parented every night for the whole past 15 months or whatever. It’s a lot. Parents out there will tell you, bedtime is the star that breaks the camel’s back every day. You get to the end of the day, and if you’re not a parent, if you’re winding down or cleaning up the kitchen, you’re like, okay. Day is pretty much done, I can do whatever I want. Parents, the hardest part of the day is about to start, especially for parents of young kids. Our bedtime routine right now, because Miles and Evie are so different and they have to go one after the other, it can take 2.5-3 hours to get them both into bed from start to finish. Or from the time we finish dinner to the time that Miles is in bed. So having my mom do that was amazing. And with our free time, instead of relaxing like a wise human would have done, we deep cleaned our entire garage.

Joy: Oh my gosh.

Claire: We pulled every single thing out, put it in the yard, vacuumed the shelves, power washed the garage floor. We had boxes in there of kitchen stuff that I inherited from my grandma when she passed away last year that I hadn’t even opened. It was wonderful. It felt very, very good. Now we can finally put our car in there.

Joy: Yeah. It gets really hot out. You don’t want your car sitting in the sun.

Claire: And it was a lot of, this does not bring me joy.

Joy: That stuff is really hard to do because you know what a big task it’s going to be. That’s why I so admire those girls. Even though that’s their job and they enjoy it, man, that’s a lot of work. Some of the kitchens that they’ve done, all of the stuff that they have to take out gives me anxiety. That’s a lot of stuff. And they have a team, I get that, I get that. But still, I’m over here being like, if I took everything out of my cabinet, oh my gosh, yeah. It’s overwhelming.

Claire: Imagine though if you were doing that at Kourtney Kardashian’s house. You would not be able to get int here fast enough.

Joy: Nope. Please sign me up for that. I will be the first one there, and I would do that for a living. 

Claire: And they do Reese Witherspoon’s house.

Joy: Totally. Yes, they did her whole wardrobe of all her Oscar dresses.

Claire: That would be the dream.

Joy: They had a whole section for Legally Blonde. So they got to do all of her costumes. Oh my God, yeah. Give me a break. Anything with celebrities, please sign me up.

Claire: Right. If that was what you were doing, rather than going through your expired lipstick.

Joy: The rules do not apply if it’s a celebrity.

Claire: No. I will throw out Reese Witherspoon’s expired lipstick any day.

Joy: Any day. I want to know if there’s anyone out there who’s ever been an assistant who worked for a celebrity. I had a friend in grad school who was Kevin Bacon’s nanny.

Claire: Wow, you really are only two degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon.

Joy: I really am, yep. We’d be sitting there, and she’d be talking on the phone. I’d be like, “Who are you taking to?” She’s like, “Kyra.” Kyra Sedgwick. NBD. And his daughter, she was on the Mare of Easttown. And I just remember being like, oh my God. She’d always talk about Sosie. My friend and Kevin Bacon’s daughter, they were like besties. Yeah, I’m only two degrees from Kevin Bacon.

Claire: So funny.

Joy: Yeah. Anyway, but celebrities are great. Love them. Speaking of celebrities, have you noticed that Chrissy Teigen has been off social media for a really long time?

Claire: I know it will shock you to hear this, but I have not noticed that Joy.

Joy: Okay. Well the reason I ask is because there was this drama. Some really old tweets resurfaced that were really mean towards this – she’s a reality star. She was on I think Couples Therapy. She was married to – oh my gosh, I can’t remember his name. Doesn’t matter. But Courtney something. Chrissy Teigen got into some hot water because these mean tweets resurfaced, and they were mean. Mean Girls mean. Regina George times a thousand.

Claire: Not like a joke at someone’s expense mean. 

Joy: No. They were really, really, really mean. And so she got a lot of blowback for that, so she just went silent on social media. She’s someone who would post and do stories and do Instagram Live every single day.

Claire: Oh my God, constantly. She had like 8 hours of screen time per day.

Joy: Yeah. I’m just like, how do you have the time to do this. But she did this all, all day long. I just saw her post today that she made this huge apology and talked about how she’s been reflecting on the person who she was and how awful she used to be. It kind of got me thinking about how some people are like, nope, cancel culture. There’s a lot of things I could say about cancel culture. In some aspects, I’m like, there’s a difference between cancel culture and someone just being a flat out jerk and it surfacing and it being like, oh you’re not who I thought you were. You know. And someone would argue I think that for Chrissy Teigen. But we don’t know her. She seems like a genuine person I think in this instance. It’s got to be hard to be that famous and have something that public happen where you’re like, yeah, I was an a**hole in my 20’s, who wasn’t? 

Claire: And I thought… gosh, what’s her name? The woman who played the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Joy: Yeah, I know who you’re talking about. Emmy… Elly… no.

Claire: Elly…

Joy: Kemper. 

Claire: Kemper. So she had something recently too come out about how she did a debutante ball in her early 20’s, and it was put on by this super racist organization. She had a statement about it that was like, “I didn’t know at the time, but ignorance is no excuse.” But yeah, it would be really hard to think that anything you’ve ever done could result in you losing your job. Yeah, we’ve all done dumb things. I don’t know if you have grown as a person since then, I don’t really know if you should be made to go back and rifle through all of that. I mean, maybe if you’re a celebrity that’s the price you pay.

Joy: Maybe. It’s a whole deep dark discussion. You can go down rabbit holes. I’ve been thinking about that a lot too, with especially politicians where they want to dig up pictures from their past. Understandable. If you have someone who is running for president and they have… I mean, it doesn’t matter sometimes because we clearly elect someone who had a lot of crap in their past. But anyway, I think it’s just one of those things where older celebrities will joke, oh my gosh, I’m so glad we didn’t have social media back then because I didn’t have to face all of that. Celebrities who are older who were maybe famous during their younger years. Drew Barrymore was super famous as a kid. She never had to deal with all of that because there was no social media until she was older. But where do we draw the line in, let’s just take an example, like in Hollywood. There’s this very powerful person –

Claire: Kind of like how we were talking about Ellen two weeks ago.

Joy: Sure, yes. Yes, I guess that’s a good example. I’m thinking kind of an extreme of you can’t put everyone in the same camp as like Harvey Weinstein where all of the sudden everyone has just known this culture and the underbelly of Hollywood has existed, but no one speaks out about it because of the power and the money. There’s been a lot of instances like that where you think, yeah, you get to be cancelled because that is absolutely unacceptable. Versus a celebrity who makes a really stupid decision in her 20’s to make some really mean girl comments. I don’t know if that necessarily makes her cancelled. You did something stupid. Maybe you should really check yourself. But at what point do we cancel everybody when you’re like, “You made a mistake. Nobody gets a second chance.”

Claire: Yeah. And I think that’s the thing that everybody who rails off about cancel culture talks about is where do we draw the line with nobody’s perfect versus people have to be held accountable. It’s really hard. There’s no hard and fast rule, and everybody is offended by different things. Everybody thinks that certain things are more serious than others, while other people are ready to just let it be water under the bridge. It’s like, well, who are you to judge. Really, where do we draw the line. And that has been the question about cancel culture really since the past couple of years because at this point we have the ability to find out just about anything about anyone.

Joy: Yeah. And I think about, okay, if I was to become super-duper famous tomorrow, what crap in the past would come up for me? I’m like, I don’t know. I’m sure I did something stupid in my 20’s that some ex-boyfriend would resurface and be like, look at this picture. She’s half naked. I don’t know. I don’t know. I danced at a lot of clubs when I was in my 20’s, who knows. To me, I’m like, well everybody did that. And I think what it comes down to is we are consumers of content and we put our time and energy into these celebrities, so then we get to say, “Well, we’re not going to put our time and energy into you and support you anymore.” I think that’s very different than supporting a huge system that is tearing down women and forcing women to do horrible things to get a job. I think with the Chrissy Teigen thing I was like, I think that’s very noble of her to come out and be like, “Hey, I’ve taken some time away to think about this.” She clearly cares about her audience. She knows that she has this huge platform and hurt a lot of people with whatever she did when she was younger, and she’s trying to make amends with it. And if people believe her, they believe her. I think the other part that I was thinking about is, what it comes down to too is we as consumers of Instagram and content, we have this specific idea of who these people are made up in our mind. We don’t know them. So when something comes out and everything that is on Instagram, even though it’s the curated imperfection, when we see any faults in that we’re like, [gasp] “They’re not perfect” or “They made a mistake.” And we’re very quick to hate people because we almost want that fall from grace. Almost like Britney Spears, how they talked about how people just wanted to tear her down. And I think there’s a little bit of that baked into especially the Chrissy Teigen example where she’s beautiful and she’s so famous –

Claire: People want to be able to say, “I knew you weren’t as cool as I thought you were.”

Joy: Totally, yes. And so we’re very quick to be like, “Take her down. Lose all her followers.”

Claire: “I never liked her. You could tell she was fake.”

Joy: Exactly. “She must have been a total b****. She must be a b**** to work for.” Whatever the case may be. So I’ll say one last thing about this because it made me think of Schmachel Schmollis, which I don’t ever want to say her name because she drives me crazy. She is one that I think is an exception. I should not say exception. She is one that is not in the camp of, we need to give her grace. And the reason is – this is hard for me to say because I don’t know her. It doesn’t seem to me that she is a good person at her core.

Claire: Schmachel Schmollis?

Joy: Yeah. Schmachel Schmollis. And the reason I say that is because of the recent things that have happened over the past six months. If you don’t know, just Google it. There’s so many articles people wrote about it. And when she posted this video on her Instagram and then took it down because –

Claire: But didn’t take it down for like a week.

Joy: Didn’t take it down for like a week because she was getting all these comments and all this attention about it. And people were like, “I can’t believe. This is cancel culture. Can’t she make a mistake?” I’m like, no, that’s just inherent ignorance, and I can’t help that. And because she makes her money from coming off of this holier-than-thou, you can make your life great, all you have to do is hustle. That I don’t like. I just don’t like it. I think it’s shady. I think it’s like you’re just making money off of this crap or you’re stealing other people’s stuff. I’ve seen her steal Brené Brown’s sayings. She compared herself to freaking Oprah and Harriet Tubman. 

Claire: Harriet Tubman, that one. Not just to rail on her, whether or not she deserves it, I think that as a whole – kind of like how we were talking about if you’re going to get plastic surgery, fine, but then don’t pretend it’s because you went keto.

Joy: Exactly, exactly. 

Claire: If you’re going to make money because you have followers, then yeah, your life is going to be under an amount of scrutiny that may not always feel fair to you. But that’s sort of the gig. We talk about this all the time. That’s why I don’t want to be an influencer. I don’t want to feel like I am pressured to turn every moment of my life into content. I don’t want to feel like that becomes who I am. On the one hand, we can say, you guys don’t really know us. Nobody really knows these content creators and influencers, so you don’t know how to judge them. But on the other hand, they sell that familiarity and that closeness as trust to their audience.

Joy: Correct, correct.

Claire: Which they basically they sell that trust to ad partners.

Joy: Yep, yep, exactly. You’re exactly right. I think we’re all very smart people and we know the difference. I think there was another blogger/podcaster Jenna something that did the same thing where she was really nasty to someone, so white girl privilege to this woman of color, and she kind of outed her by publishing what she wrote in an email. I was like, yeah, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them” Maya Angelou. That is exactly how I feel when I see those influencers who are showing their true colors. Eventually it’s going to leak through.

Claire: And maybe that’s not who you were when you set out and started your Instagram account, but maybe that’s who you’ve become as somebody who’s spent the last however many years really having to hype yourself up and believe that you’re the shit. I don’t know.

Joy: I just think it’s interesting, and I’ve been watching that and thinking about that a lot. Because I’m not out to hate anybody, but I think it drives me crazy when I witness someone like a Schamshel Shmallish who is making so much money and the top selling book. I’m like, but I don’t know if you’re really a good person. Or, you have some work to do. And that’s fine, we all do. But trying to cover up her messes. I don’t know, she didn’t do a good job of correcting her mistake, let’s just put it that way. And Chrissy Teigen did.

Claire: In summation. 

Joy: In summation, that is my unofficial take on people I don’t even know. Maybe I’m just being a big ole hypocrite. Okay, so I want to read this email really quick because It goes with the post you just did Claire, and I want to talk a little bit about it because it’s important and it still comes up. This is from Danielle. “I’ve been a listener since the GGW days, and I love your podcast. I’ve gotten a little behind on episodes, and I just listened to the episode where you reminded everyone to get rid of their shame pants. This was very important for me to hear because I recently tried on my wedding dress that I bought last year, and it no longer zips. I bought it last spring for my wedding in August, but we ended up postponing until this year. When I realized the dress no longer fits, I cried. My mom and sisters are very supportive of me, and they suggested that I get the dress altered to have a corset back so that the dress will fit me and I will be comfortable in it on the day. I’ve been wrestling with this idea because I love the back of the dress and I was just thinking I could lose some weight and in two months have it fit. But this episode made me realize that this is my shame dress. Thinking of not fitting into it is just going to stress me out, and it is better to accept altering the dress, not worrying over the next few months about losing weight. Thank you both for all that you share on your podcast and for being supportive of your listeners.” So I know that we’ve talked about this. It was a recent post we just put up truly about how we don’t need to be living up to other people’s expectations. Can we just live our life? Can we not be putting so much focus on our bodies? And even when people are doing the post with the rolls and the no rolls. Can we just not even do that? We’re all just fine just the way we are. If you need to take a dress and alter it so you can be happy and comfortable and enjoy your day and not worry about dieting and making yourself miserable before your wedding, do it. I’m very proud of you Danielle.

Claire: We support the course of action.

Joy: Yes. And that is all.

Claire: And that is all. Yeah, we talked a lot about that in the episode two weeks ago of why do we have to have all these definitions and things we have to chase. This is such a huge example. Your wedding dress is a garment that you think about for a long time and you probably will keep for a long time if not for the rest of your life. It’s a huge investment. It was probably really expensive, and altering it is going to be really expensive. I think that’s a huge act of self-love to say, I don’t have to change. And this is a freaking piece of fabric, and it can change instead.

Joy: It can change instead.

Claire: But it is. It’s self-love. It’s giving yourself permission for your body to change in different seasons. It’s giving yourself permission to not force yourself to be something that you’re not, which is a couple sizes smaller. I have really been thinking a lot lately about, you know we think about, again, there’s that cliche of self-care is a face mask and a pedicure. But what does self-love really look like? And how can you create a life and create choices where you really show yourself love in the real sense of the word. Not just treat yourself like somebody you love, but really what would you do in any of these given situations if you weren’t worried about the outcome on anyone but… like if you weren’t worried about how it made anyone feel except for yourself and you were only worried about making yourself feel the way that you want to feel. I feel like that sounds so meadow when I say it, like I’m really beating around a bush here. 

Joy: Well, do you have an answer to that? Like, what it looks like for you?

Claire: I think for me it does go back to what we talked about with you don’t always have to be doing more, more, more.

Joy: Oh yeah.

Claire: For me, self-love is really saying no. It’s not taking the road less traveled sometimes. And if I can view that as an act of self-love instead of any of the million things that we’ve been taught, like laziness or avoidance or you know, Jillian Michaels would probably say you’re lazy for not wanting to lose these ten pounds before your wedding. No. That’s not what it is. It’s self-love to not put yourself through that.

Joy: Right. Well this is a really silly example, but I think of Bethany Frankl who I recently watched one of her reality shows on HBO Max just because that’s who I am and I’m not ashamed to say it. But it’s a reality show where she is – and she is one of the housewives in one of the original Real Housewives. She made this huge brand. She has like a million, million brands. She has this new reality show on HBO Max where she did a search for her next executive director. So someone who would be running all of her brands for her because she doesn’t have all the time in the day. And she’s very smart and a brilliant woman. I was just like, she’s kind of the person that I’m like, I’m not doing enough because I’m watching her doing all these things. And I realize I do that comparison piece of, I can’t believe she has 20 businesses and what am I doing with my life? You know what I mean? Like, that is where we get stuck in that comparison trap. But also, side note – I hope I don’t get crap for this – but she has a brand, her whole brand is called Skinny Girl.

Claire: I know. But also side note, how many assistants does she have? Somebody buys her groceries for her. Somebody gets her car washed for her.

Joy: Walks her dogs.

Claire: Somebody cleans her house for her.

Joy: Dresses her, yeah, right.

Claire: That’s the other thing of the, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. We talk about this too where we’re like, we really don’t.

Joy: We really don’t.

Claire: And there’s a tweet out there that’s like, if you take public transportation, you have less time than someone who has a car. If you cook your own meals, then you have less time than somebody who has a chef. If you clean your own house, all of those things. It’s like, well you have the same 24 hours as Beyonce. I mean, technically yes. But Beyonce has a staff of people who run her house, take care of her family. I’m not saying that she doesn’t put in the work, but I don’t have the same 24 hours as her. And I don’t have the same 24 hours as you, and I don’t have the same 24 hours as Brandon even who leaves the house and goes to work. Everybody’s time is relative, and it’s different. That’s why comparing yourself to celebrities is so annoying because this is not real life.

Joy: I can’t help it, I just do it.

Claire: I know, you can’t. I know. It’s your lot in life to just compare yourself to celebrities.

Joy: It’s my lot in life. It’s just the way I self soothe and make myself feel my feelings.

Claire: You self-soothe/self-hate at the same time.

Joy: I do.

Claire: It’s a horrible combination.

Joy: Anyway. I was just like, this is the problem. We’re still glorifying this. It’s nothing new.

Claire: We talk about diet culture too. It’s not going to go away. It sells. It does. People want to think that they’re just one weird belly fat tip away from this perfect life that they believe that the perfect body will open the door to. It’s not true. Okay, I had a few questions today on Instagram that I thought would be interesting to hear your answer, and then we will wrap up.

Joy: Great.

Claire: What was your childhood hobby? Mine was writing. Like, I used to write books, journals, plays, poems. All the time, I was writing.

Joy: I loved to read. And this will not surprise you, but I loved to read Nancy Drew and anything mystery.

Claire: Oh, that is hilarious.

Joy: I was obsessed with mystery books. I went through mystery books like one a day. But yeah, reading was my jam. And we always had these reading competitions in school. So of course, I was like, anything competition I have to be the best. You get stars by your name depending on how many books you read.

Claire: Or you get a beach ball from Scholastic or something. Yeah. Current favorite snacks? So I said mine are ghost pepper cashews from Whole Foods, which they’re not with real ghost peppers. If you guys don’t know what a ghost pepper is, it’s one of the hottest peppers in the world. These are just very spicy cashews. You can get them at Whole Foods. They’re so good. And then I’m always into canned fish. I recently tried a new type of canned cod. The brand is Bela, and it’s super high in protein. Like one can had like 40 or so grams of protein. So if you are someone who struggles to find high protein snacks but that’s something that you feel like you need. I’m very much that person. I don’t really know what to eat for protein if I’m not eating a string cheese. There are just moments in your day where you’re like, I would feel so much better if I had a big hit of protein right now. If you can handle canned fish, the cod, it’s really not that fishy. It’s a little bit oily because it’s packed in olive oil. But check it out. It was very tasty.

Joy: That was hard for me to get through. There’s two strong camps of canned fish. My side or her side.

Claire: You either truly love it or you truly hate it. Nobody is “meh” about canned fish. And I’m really so into cold watermelon right now.

Joy: I thought you were going to say cold water.

Claire: I just love cold water. Just chilled. Just some chilled still water.

Joy: That’s so diet cultury, Claire.

Claire: I do love cold water, don’t get me wrong.

Joy: I do too.

Claire: But the precut watermelon and then get it in the refrigerator, it’s just so delish. I can’t buy a whole watermelon because I don’t know how to effectively cut a watermelon. Maybe this is silly to never buy a whole watermelon, but I feel like I don’t have the right tool. I feel like I need a bandsaw. These guys are gigantic.

Joy: Yeah, they’re huge. You need a big ole knife, yeah.

Claire: And they’re so messy. I’m just going to buy the little pack.

Joy: Fair. I am really into, this is so silly. But when I was working at the vaccine clinic and I’d go to Whole Foods for my lunch hour, I got into these Urban Remedy bars that are way too expensive and overpriced, but they’re so good.

Claire: So good. I know, they have a little cold case at Whole Foods.

Joy: Yeah, it’s a cold case. They’re just kind of super food, super seed bars. Or they have cacao, or they have a matcha one.

Claire: They’re so you.

Joy: They’re so good.

Claire: They are like the bar form of a juice bar. 

Joy: They’re so good. They’re so good. And I’ve just been really loving the feeling of drinking a really cold La Croix or whatever soda I have in my house outside. And I always put it in a koozie. I go outside, sit in my chair with my koozie and a cold beverage. It’s the best.

Claire: Okay, would you rather work out to a “meh” kind of playlist or stick with one song that’s legit your jam the whole time?

Joy: Oh, meh. No, I will do a meh playlist instead of one song.

Claire: Oh, I would do one song. Absolutely. I’d rather listen to the same song over and over and over again.

Joy: I guess. That’s true. If it was a brand new song. Because remember when Macklemore was blowing up. That’s right when I started CrossFit. Thrift Shop. You know the song, Thrift Shop? Thrift Shop was the jam, and I swear we played that over and over again at CrossFit J so many times. Yeah, I’m going to go with my first answer though because I don’t want to change.

Claire: Okay. What is your go-to answer when someone asks you for a fun fact about yourself in an ice breaker situation?

Joy: What do you think? I always talk about my Emmys. 

Claire: Fair enough.

Joy: If I’m going to talk about myself. I don’t actually go there all the time. Sometimes I’ll say I was in a ballroom dancing competition if I don’t want to act too full of myself. “Oh, I have Emmys.” Talk about that. It always leads to the story of why I won Emmys.

Claire: Mine is way less glamorous. I once worked at a pirate themed candy store where I had to dress and talk like a pirate.

Joy: Have we talked about this before? We had to have.

Claire: I’m positive we had. But yeah, when I was in high school –

Joy: But what did you have to say?

Claire: “Arr, welcome to Candy Cove. Avast ye land lover, there be change.” I had to wear a whole thing. Sometimes I had to dress up like the pirate captain. We rotated who dressed up like the pirate captain. It was so bizarre, and it was just a bunch of theatre kids who didn’t have anything better to do basically.

Joy: I love it so much. 

Claire: It was at the FlatIron’s mall. I was 16. It was one of my first jobs. I didn’t work there very long, but yeah, it was bad. Let’s see. If family ties, geographic location, and your level of education didn’t matter, what would you do for a living? This feel relevant to you Joy right now.

Joy: I know. I would move to LA, and I would probably try to be an actress because I want to be in Hollywood.

Claire: Why not? Do it.

Joy: I just love it so much. I love Hollywood. I love LA. I love hearing about people trying to make it in LA. I love celebrities. I would just be in a city where celebrities are spotted constantly. I’d be in a grocery store and there’s Gwyneth Paltrow.

Claire: And she comes over and is like, “Joy, it’s been so long.”

Joy: Oh Gwyneth.

Claire: Oh Gwen. 

Joy: Let’s go to Juice Bar and have an Urban Remedy bar.

Claire: Let’s go to Juice Bar and have a bar that tastes like it’s made out of bird seed. But it’s chilled.

Joy: But it’s chilled. I saw a recent article that’s like, “How does Gwyneth get that skin?” I’m like, because she’s so rich. She doesn’t just put a serum on her skin. She’s so rich.

Claire: Stop asking questions and eat this bar of chilled suit. I bet people would buy that.

Joy: For sure.

Claire: Oh my goodness. Alright guys, well thank you so much for joining us. As always, you can support the podcast by leaving a review, by sharing with a friend, by sharing about us on your Instagram. That is a huge way to support us. You can also check out Double Under Wonder. They came out with a new design this week. You can now get mermaids on your jump rope handles.

Joy: Mermaids.

Claire: Mer-maids. Who doesn’t want a mermaid jump rope. I know a lot of people who do, including myself. Use discount code JOY doubleunderwonder.com. You can have just one mermaid handle and the other one can be stars or whatever. I actually found when we were going through our garage an unopened Double Under Wonder jump rope that was in a gym bag from forever ago. It was probably the first one I ever ordered from them. And I had just vacuumed and power washed the whole garage floor. I open it and all the damn glitter came out. I was like, “Come on.” 

Joy: Because it used to come with glitter.

Claire: I think you can still get it with glitter. It’s delightful if you didn’t just power wash the floor you’re standing over.

Joy: Sure, right.

Claire: So check out Double Under Wonder. Also check out Eat to Evolve. That is Eat to Evolve. They are on Instagram @evolve. Use discount code JOYCLAIRE15 for 15% off your first order. It is so hot. You don’t have to cook. Just order Eat to Evolve.

Joy: Oh, it’s so convenient.

Claire: I had the barbecue chicken salad for lunch yesterday.

Joy: That’s one of my favorites.

Claire: It’s so good.

Joy: It’s so good. It’s one of my favorites. I just have to say, the packaging is lovely. No mess. I’ve had food delivery services before where things get turned around and fall out of the package.

Claire: Although, it is a lot of Styrofoam. I want to talk to them about that. What can we do here for some more sustainability? It’s hard. Shipping cold things is hard.

Joy: Very hard.

Claire: Alright guys, thank you for joining us, and we will talk to you next week.

Joy: Bye guys.

Claire: Bye.

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