C8: E1 Cake Week

September 26, 2020

Season 8 Episode 1 of the Great British Bake Off is here! Joy & Claire discuss how the pandemic affected this year’s taping of the show, the first-impression contestants, flavor rules when dealing with Paul Hollywood, and which bust/head cake we would bake if given the task. Tune in next week to hear how Claire’s technical turned out!


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One comment on “C8: E1 Cake Week

  1. Melissa Oct 8, 2020

    This is my new freedom from the seriousness of everything. I’m planning on watching the show one episode a week (remember when that was a thing) and then listening to your after show the next day. That gives me TWO things to look forward to each week!
    This was decided the other night I sat down to watch one of our local debates and two questions in I felt like I needed to be wrapped tightly in the warm blanket that is this show. Thank you for this innocent and pure half hour of joy.