41: Celeb Encounters

September 24, 2020

Our recent instagram politics stance, Joy and Scott’s anniversary and the best marriage hack for this year, and listener celeb encounters. Don’t miss next week’s listenter question!

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One comment on “41: Celeb Encounters

  1. Shannon Sep 25, 2020

    Just started listening to you ladies – think you’re wonderful. Thank you for being so real, welcoming and open to all views while still standing your own ground with social issues. I’m 52 and have now shared the podcast with my 22 y/o daughter who is appreciating it as well. Newest episode 41 was incredibly informative. I watched Inconvenient Truth when it was first released and have watched it again since. Can’t understand how anyone dispute science? I do have to say I get really frustrated when the term “pro-abortion” is used. I am 100% pro-CHOICE but nobody (unless he/she is a socio-path) is PRO-abortion. Stay strong ladies and thank you again for what you do!