C8: E9 Patisserie Week

It’s the semifinal!! Savarin, Danish Cornucopia, and cube cake showstopper! www.joyandclaire.com Instagram @joyandclaire_ email: thisisjoyandclaire@gmail.com

49: Paint Rocks Bake Pies

Election check in, Joy’s recent health diagnosis, and listeners tell us about the best or worst advice they’ve received! SPONSORED BY BLUBLOX discount code JOY www.joyandclaire.com email: thisisjoyandclaire@gmail.com instagram: joyandclaire_

C8: E8 Dessert Week

Mini cheesecakes, sussex pond pudding (what?), and a jelly art cake showstopper! Isn’t every week dessert week? Bake! www.joyandclaire.com Instagram @joyandclaire_ email: thisisjoyandclaire@gmail.com

48: Climate Lessons

We are so lucky to have podcast listener and climate scientist Ryan Venturelli on the show! Ryan reached out after she heard us wishing for more climate change talk. She is an isotope geochemist who…

C8: E7 80’s Week

Quiche, finger donuts, and ice cream cakes! Grab your neon and tune in to collection 8, episode 7! www.joyandclaire.com Instagram @joyandclaire_ email: thisisjoyandclaire@gmail.com

47: Brain Break

We talk about silly things. We need a brain break from the election stress. www.joyandclaire.com email: thisisjoyandclaire@gmail.com instagram: joyandclaire_ SUPPORT THE SHOW! LEAVE US A FIVE STAR REVIEW ON ITUNES

C8: E6 Japanese Week

Buns, matcha cakes, and Kawaii showstoppers galore! Happy Halloween Bake Off friends! Collection 8 // Episode 6 www.joyandclaire.com Instagram @joyandclaire_ email: thisisjoyandclaire@gmail.com

46: Blue Moon Halloween

Claire’s feeling about Instagram REELS, raising kids in a pandemic, why Joy doesn’t have kids, what the blue moon Halloween weekend means, and Halloween plan voice memos from the J&C community. www.joyandclaire.com email: thisisjoyandclaire@gmail.com instagram:…

Bonus: Will and Mom Sandy

It’s another bonus episode! Will Lanier of Outwod and Mom Sandy (our podcast mom, lawyer, and best friend) chat with Joy over Zoom. We discuss a lot of politics, have a lot of feelings, and…